Dotan is once again offering apologies for the use of fake accounts

Dotan last Thursday, once again, apologized for the use of false profiles on social media sites. The singer’s hit last time, and disappeared after that for a long period of time, from the advertising, but just recently released a new single.

“I offer my apologies to all the people that have hurt you have felt, or have been disappointed hit me,” said Dotan, in an interview with Domien Verschuuren on Qmusic. The conversation during the show by Verschuuren is being transmitted, but that was earlier in the day.

Dotan says, is especially to be regretted that he has not been stopped, the so-called ” trollenleger that helped him with the up-grading of the image. “I have not interfered at the time that it needed to be and could be,” said the singer.

Several media wrote last year that Dotan abroad, would have fled, but the lead singer isn’t true. “I’ve seen the wildest theories as to read it, but I was mostly in my house in Amsterdam, the netherlands. It has been a year in which I’ve thought about it a lot on myself, I have been working on and in the end, the way of the music, I have found it.”

“I was embarrassed to bring people to face to come out

“It has given me each and every day to be entertained,” says Dotan. “Just the idea that I’m disappointed of myself, that I thought was really, really good.” In the beginning, he ventured to say that also to almost not make it out. “I was ashamed of myself for people to face up to that.”

The lead singer said after the publication of a major story in the newspaper in april of last year, in 2011, go to “options” for his music, the man in charge. “It’s something that I much regret,” said he, soon afterwards, in a video on Facebook.

Well, he was at RTL Late Night, on the table. There, he admitted that he was stupid, but it did not take on the full responsibility for a made-up story about an encounter with a leukemiepatiënt, or the use, of the trollenleger’.

With Qmusic, told Dotan, the film is about the leukemiepatiënt fiction. “It didn’t come out of my pen, but I have to be there, but the responsibility for this. I don’t understand that people made me out to look at it and be hurt.”

The singer released the previous month, the number is Numb, and recently announced a tour with. “I’ve got an awful lot of sense. I want to be on stage and show you what I’ve been working on.”


Dotan explains ‘trollenleger will have to be used

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