Dorian reached the east coast of US, Bahamas, fear of ‘very high number’

Hurricane Hotel in the United States of america were the first fatal casualties. It’s going to be four to six people. In the Bahamas, so far, thirty people were killed by the forces of nature. The Bahamian minister of Health, Mr Sands is afraid of a “shockingly high” death toll.

“People need to be prepared on a record of bad news about the death toll,” according to Sands.

A lot of people on the islands that are still missing in action. The islands are mostly in ruins. According to an initial estimate of the amount of the damage is more than 6 billion euros.

Just before the Hotel in the U.S. before, it was the storm more powerful. In the meantime, it is Dorian weakened to a hurricane the first category, with winds of around 150 kilometers per hour.

In the End it was Dorian a storm is the fifth and most difficult category, with wind speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour. The Dutch navy, was on Thursday announced that two ships with relief goods from Dutch St. Maarten to the islands to them.

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About 250,000 homes and businesses without power in the southeast US

So far as known, were in Friday, to about 250,000 homes and businesses in the south-east of the US is without power, but the damage is somewhat involved. About one and a half million evacuated residents of Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina can now come back to the house.

On the islands of the Outer Banks, off the coast of North Carolina, it is however feared that considerable damage done. The view from the Hotel is hanging at the moment in the vicinity of the easternmost point of the united states. As the storm moves slowly, so Dorian has a lot of time to deal damage to the target.

According to the U.s. national orkaancentrum are going to Hotel more about the sea, and the storm is only in Canada to return to the land.


Hurricane Dorian cast a large damage in the United States of america


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