Donald Trump, the budget, the expenses are cut to Mulvaney says the moral,’

President Trumps budget chief, the administration defended the first budget proposal on Wednesday, underlines the importance of economic growth and putting “taxpayers.”

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told lawmakers on the House Budget Committee that he went “line by line” through the Federal budget, and asked whether the government officials were able to cost justify.

“Can we justify this for the people who actually pay for it?” Mulvaney asked the cross-party panel. “I don’t think people are willing to pay, how much the government, as you are.”

Mulvaney ‘s appearance on Capitol Hill is only one of four planned for Wednesday, as a trump Cabinet officials, including Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin, education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, and agriculture Secretary Sonny Purdue, will also defend to testify before the House panels, the president’s budget.

The management of the 2018 fiscal year budget is titled “A New Foundation for American Greatness,” but Mulvaney said of the legislature, it would have a different title: “could We call him the ‘taxpayers, the first “budget”.

The President’s plan pushes to increase economic growth to 3 per cent, and balance the budget within a 10-year window. Many said on the left side of the ” growth “nonsensical”, but Mulvaney, that “Trumponomics” could “we it.”

“I’ve got news for you: If we don’t get to 3 percent growth, it is unlikely that we will ever asks a balanced budget to get going again,” said Mulvaney, the legislature, “as pessimistic as you may think to be” 3 percent is impossible. “If that is where you are, do not — accept the 3-percent growth is not something we should talk about, but something that should be everything.”

But Democrats on the Committee, suggested the administration and calculated that a majority of the cuts would rip the nation’s “social safety net.”

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., said Mulvaney, cuts, food stamps, payments to the disabled, and other programs are “surprising and, frankly, immoral.”

But Mulvaney had not of the administration’s position, and suggested that “certain narrative” that Republicans “are on the poor people,” by the trust, the social safety nets that give people the “risks and go on their own.”

“This is a moral document, and here are the moral side: If I don’t give money to them and have no intention of ever taking it back, is to blame — that’s theft,” said Mulvaney. “If I show money from them and you how I can pay it back to you — that is to blame.”

Mulvaney added: “We do not measure compassion by the number of programs that we have and the number of people on it-the true compassion is the number of people that we want to try to get out of these programs, and again in the responsibility for their own lives.”

The management of the budget proposal remained in line with trump campaign promises, leave Medicare and Social security unaffected.

But the plan is nearly $3.6 trillion from an array of benefit programs, domestic agencies and war spending in the next ten years-a nearly 8-percent cut, including the repealing of the former President Barack Obama’s health care law, cutting Medicaid, and reducing student loan subsidies, sharp, slash food stamps and cut $ 95 billion in highway formula funds for the States.

But Mulvaney assured that the administration would not take “each and every person, you deserve all the programs,” to say that the administration looks at it from different perspectives: “people receiving benefits and people who pay for the services.”

Other cuts are $63 billion for the pension plan for Federal workers by eliminating the cost-of-living adjustments for most employees and require the employees to higher posts. In agriculture, the planned budget limit subsidies for farmers would be, including for the purchase of crop insurance, which attacked a move already farm state lawmakers.

Mulvaney mentioned cuts in the Public broadcasting system, home to the widely adored Sesame Street.

“I can assure you that Big Bird makes more money than all of us in this room,” said Mulvaney, warranty, PBS is a “for-profit cooperation”, not “very good.”

But the budget is still a major domestic initiative — a six-weeks paid parental leave program under the guidance of Ivanka Trump, would be designed and financed by the States, the cuts in the unemployment insurance, at a projected cost of $25 billion over the next 10 years.

“We will try to work the Land back to a healthy economy again, the people back, and people too optimistic, to the country,” said Mulvaney. “If you are under 30, you have never had a job, in a healthy American economy — an optimism that comes from that it is what this country is all about.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Brooke Singman is a Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter at @Brooke FoxNews.

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