Donald Trump Stays Mum On John McCain After NAFTA press conference

President Donald Trump struck a petulant pose after a 20-minute Oval Office press conference to announce a new trade agreement with Mexico, crossing his arms and refusing to acknowledge questions about the late Sen. John McCain.

The Oval Office event was a live broadcast, but recommended Mexican president Enrique Nieto patched up by the phone. After the couple decided to plug for their new alliance, reporters shouted questions at Trump about McCain. (Watch the video below, with cheers at the 19:35 mark). Fifteen silent seconds later, Trump stood up from his chair, the termination of the press conference.

Reporters are likely to continue to follow up on Trump’s less-than-classic response to McCain died on Sunday at age 81. According to multiple reports in the media, he nixed a declaration drawn up by the administration staff who would have praised McCain stellar record of military service. Instead, Trump took to his favorite medium, Twitter, to send wan condolences to the family of McCain. In particular, he offered no feelings about the main itself — something even McCain’s frequent political foe, and recent Trump soldier Rudy Giuliani managed to do.

McCain has waged many battles with the Trumpet, the issue of his landmark thumbs-down vote on Obamacare repeal, and never embrace Trump or his policies, like many traditional Republicans have in the past two years. The bad blood increased after Trump mocks McCain campaign, declaring that he would rather have war heroes who are ‘ not included.” (McCain for more than five years in a Viet Cong prison camp after his Navy fighter jet was shot down during the Vietnam War.)

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The enlargement of the remarkable impact of the White House, the building of the flag is no longer flying at half staff in spite of a week of memorial reminders scheduled, and a funeral planned at the U.S. Navy cemetery. By custom, the flags remain lowered until the deceased is buried, which in McCain’s case, not until Sunday.

McCain’s burial itself, has become a flashpoint, with the senator of Arizona to leave evidence that presidents Bush and Obama be invited to speak at his memorial, but not Trump. Messages in the Media, some of which included the confirmation by multiple White House sources, said Trump has been banned from attending the service. Presidential spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders called McCain “an American hero”, but declined to address the reported ban, or say as Asset scheduled further memories.

Trump, so he just aimed his televised remarks on the branding of the NAFTA, noting that the new deal will be known as the united States-Mexico Trade Agreement. The old name”has a negative connotation, because the United States was the pain really bad by NAFTA,” he said. The other reason for the re-brand, of course, is that the NAFTA member, Canada is not on board with the new deal.

Here is the video of the press conference:

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