Donald Trump reacts to the sentencing Weinstein: ‘it Was never a big fan of him.”

The Us president, when He has a reaction to the conviction of a Harvey Weinstein said that he’s “never been a fan of the cases, the film producer.

“I only knew him for a little bit,” said Trump, according to Deadline, is in India, where he will visit with prime minister Narendra Modi. “The Democrats were a fan of him. Michelle Obama was mad at him. Hillary Clinton was fond of him.”

Trump, who is also a several women’s allegations of sexual misconduct, has said that he doesn’t have all the ins-and-outs of the case are known. “But for the women involved, it’s great news. For them, it’s a win. This statement gives a very strong message.”

According to Hillary Clinton, is speaking of the condemnation of Weinstein himself. “People have this story and followed it because it was the time that the person responsible was being held. The judges were there with once upon a time”, reported Variety, at the mouth of the Clinton administration, who is currently working in Berlin, and it is at the local film festival, is a documentary series about her will be premiered.

Weinstein donated the money for the campaigns of Democrats

Weinstein was said to be one of the biggest supporters of Hillary Clinton, at the time when she is out doing to the republican party, and donated approximately $ 1.4 million (€1.3 million) to the campaign. Clinton is not afraid of it, due to Weinstein, in the future, the harder it will be to get donations to get it.

“He has given money to the campaigns of a lot of Democrats: Barack Obama, John Kerry, Al Gore, and everyone,” said Clinton. “I don’t know if anyone else might have to hold off from contributing to political campaigns, but it would certainly put an end to the kind of conduct for which he was convicted.”

Weinstein was on Monday, by a jury of guilty, shall be deemed to be two of the five charges – sexual assault and rape in the third degree (sex with a person without his or her consent, but not in a violent way, or be a part of a deliberate pattern, and you risk a prison sentence of up to 25 years of age.

On the 11th of march, he will get his punishment to hear from you. An appeal has already been announced.

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