Dolf Jansen makes Oudejaarsvoorstelling 2017 with Louise Korthals

Dolf Jansen makes Oudejaarsvoorstelling 2017 with Louise Korthals

Comedian Dolf Jansen is this year a oudejaarsvoorstelling with fellow Louise Korthals. It is the first time in ten years that Jansen with a podiumpartner the year in review.

That has been agency Bunker Theaterzaken published.

“I am looking for the last few years for ways to make myself continue to challenge,” explains Jansen. “It is very exciting to be on stage, to stand with someone who I hardly know and who in many respects different in life than I am.”

Their common director suggested to get together for a presentation to make. “Louise is twenty years younger than I, comes from a different environment and, of course, is a woman. At the same time, they also really engaged with the world and how she is able, just as I have.”

Jansen thinks that the audience a thrilling evening, you may expect it on the first glance the wondrous combination. “Lebbis together resulted in the best moments as we meet each other on the stage challenged and when we verbally tried to trump. I think that in the show, with Louise also, many such confrontations.”


Louise Korthals studied before Sociology in Amsterdam and later at the Koningstheaterakademie in Den Bosch. Just graduated, she won in 2011 the Wim Sonneveldprijs. Her debut production flight hour was immediately rewarded with the Holland’s Hope, the price for the dramatist with the greatest future prospects.

For Jansen, it is the 26th time that he is a oudejaarsvoorstelling. Safe, Oudejaarsvoorstelling about 2016, as of december 31, available to view online on his website.

The full playlist of the show is in april on the site of Jansen and Korthals.

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