DOJ reached an agreement with the Clinton lawyers to block the FBI says access to Clinton Foundation E-Mails, Strzok

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The Ministry of justice “negotiated” an agreement with Hillary Clinton, the legal Department ensures that the FBI does not have access to E-Mails on your private servers in connection with the Clinton Foundation, former FBI special agent Peter Strzok testified during a closed-door appearance before the House Judiciary Committee last summer, according to a newly published transcript.

Republicans at the end of last year renewed, to examine their efforts, the Clinton Foundation, according to tax documents showed that a jump in its incoming donations to Clinton’s 2016 presidential elections. The numbers fueled the long-standing allegations of the possible “pay-to-play” transactions in the organization, in the midst of Department of justice probe cover foundation problems.

After questioning from Judiciary Committee General Counsel, Zachary Somers, Strzok confirmed that the Clintons contain your private E-Mail Server, a mixture of E-Mails in connection with the Clinton Foundation, her work as Secretary of state, and other matters.

“Were you access to the [Clinton Foundation] – E-Mails as part of the investigation?” Somers bat


“We were not there. We have responded to have no access,” Strzok. “My memory is that the access to the E-Mails were on the basis of the consent that was negotiated between the Ministry of justice, lawyers and consultants of Clinton.”

Peter Strzok comes in at a closed-door interview before the House Judiciary Committee in June. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)
(Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Although the FBI finally took possession of the servers, Strzok continued, the property was ” based on the negotiation of the Department of Justice attorneys for approval.”

“A clear filter team” worked at the FBI, Strzok said “work through the various conditions of the various consent agreements.” Limitations on agent-search date added is sufficient, and the names of the domains and the people, Strzok said, among the other categories.

The agreement was reached, Strzok said, because “according to the lawyers, us probable cause was lacking true to get a search warrant for this Server, and predicts that either it would take a very long time and/or it would be impossible to get to the point where we could get true to get probable cause, get a warrant.”


Strzok did not elaborate on whether the public Prosecutor’s office made all efforts to get a search warrant, which is accrued exactly what a representative could do it, and not search.

But Strzok said later, to investigate that the agent had access to the “entire universe” of information on the servers in the use of search terms in their content. He said Somers, “we had it voluntarily”, although it was unclear whether he meant that all the E-Mails on the Server — including those in connection with the Clinton Foundation.

Former Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the Chairman of the House Oversight and government Reform Committee, to 2017, and is now a Fox News contributor, said the agreement signaled that agents wanted underground cell.

“They had no interest in the pursuit of the truth.”

— Former Oversight committee chair Rep. Jason Chaffetz

“What is strange about this, in any other situation, there is no way they would allow for the potential perpetrator to choose what you get to see the FBI,” Chaffetz said, noting that the FBI was aware of the fact that the Server contained classified information in unclassified settings. “The FBI should be the one to sort through all the E-Mails-not the Clinton lawyers.”

The DOJ target, Chaffetz said, was, “make sure you hear no evil, see no evil-she had no interest in the pursuit of the truth.”

Chaffetz added that the DOJ’s behavior, including its award of immunity to the top Clinton aides signaled early on in the investigation, a clear double standard: “they wanted to make a deal with someone in Trump’s orbit. You seized. They used weapons and agents-and so it went on, and took it.”

“The Clinton Foundation should not be, the communication with the State Department anyway,” continued Chaffetz. “The Foundation-with your name on it-not to the Department of the communication with the officials of the State.”

The Clinton Foundation did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

The Republican-led concerns that the DOJ, under the Obama administration, had grown too cozy with the Clinton team during the 2016 presidential campaign, the louder in the last few days. Earlier this week, Fox News only an internal graphic checks prepared by Federal investigators working on the so-called “midterm exam,” probe into Clinton’s E-Mails. The graphics included the words “NOTE: DOJ is not ready to charge” in addition to a key Statute, the improper handling of classified information.

Judge NAP on John Ratcliffe ‘ s Tweet About Comey

The notation appeared to contradict former FBI Director James Comey repeatedly claims that his team made the decision that Clinton should not be prosecuted, regardless.

But Strzok, in its “closed door” interview, denied that the DOJ exercised undue influence over the FBI, and insisted that lawyers were involved at the DOJ, in an Advisory capacity, working with agents.

Fox News was also confirmed by the diagram served as a critical peak, which is the basis for the Texas Republicans-Rep. John Ratcliffe ‘s explosive interview of former FBI lawyer, Lisa page last year, in the page characterization agreed with Ratcliffe’s that the DOJ had told the FBI, “you’re not going to calculate gross negligence.”

A copy of the page of comments was published on Tuesday as part of a larger document released by the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, Georgia Rep. Doug Collins.

Separately in the closed-door session, Strzok his affair defended with page, to deny that the relationship was a security risk, if challenged by GOP aides.

The former FBI-Director James Comey speaks during the Canada 2020 conference in Ottawa on Tuesday, may 5. June 2018. (Justin Tang/The Canadian press via AP)

Strzok, who has been confirmed fired from the bureau after months of testing in terms of anti-Trump-text-messages between him and the page, that he was involved in an extramarital affair when asked about it in his interview before the Committee on 27. June 2018. But Strzok was also asked by Art Baker, the GOP investigative counsel for the Committee, whether this affair would have him “vulnerable to potential recruitment” by “hostile intelligence service[s].”

“Yeah, I don’t think I would characterize it that way,” Strzok said. “I think it is not so much a special measure, as it is forcing the way that the action could be used to or to do otherwise, someone, something. I can tell you that in no way extra-marital affair would compel me to do anything else than to obey the law, and makes an honest, competent investigation.”


Fox News’ Brooke Singman and Catherine Herridge contributed to this report.

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