‘Dog helps child to get less stress to experience”

‘Dog helps child to get less stress to experience”

The petting and hugging a dog helps children between the ages of seven and twelve years old in order to feel less restless to feel in stressful situations, such as giving a talk.

For the research in the scientific journal Social Development is published, were a hundred families with children between seven and twelve years old, and a dog examined. To the amount of stress on a child to measure, the children had to, during the examination in public of a lecture to give and a rekenopdracht accomplish. These tasks simulate situations from daily life and are known to the stress hormone cortisol rise.

It was also prior to and after the tasks, a speekselmonster decreased to the amount of cortisol to be measured. The children were randomly divided into three groups. Could children carry out the tasks with their dog at their side, with their parents in the near, or only.

“The research shows that children are much less restless or stressed feel when they have their dog in the neighborhood. These results differed significantly from the children that their parents had, or only the tasks needed to accomplish,” said Kertes.


This test showed that the cortisolgehalte per child differed depending on the degree of interaction with their dog. “Children that their dog cried to them to come and then the animal went to hug, had lower cortisolgehalten in their saliva. When the dog is around them or from themselves to the child before it became the stressgehalte significantly less lowered.”

According to Kertens, many people think that dogs are good for children, but scientists could not previously determine whether this is actually the order is and how it works. “How we as a child have to learn to deal with stress, also has consequences for how we as adults deal with stressful situations.”


What can you do against stress?

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