Does the moon really have an effect on our health?

There are numerous myths about the moon, the women would have to be a full moon before birth and that we would have a worse sleep. Does the moon really have an effect on our health? “To believe in the moon, you should do it, but it’s not reliable,” said astronomer Peter Barthel.

The idea is that the moon doing something with us, it is so nice. It is a celestial body that is so strong, that he and all the oceans are moving, and let it flow. Would that the moon does not also have something to do with our own bodies, that is, for the most part consists of water.

Next, the character, of lunatics (insane), werewolves, and the effects of a recovery in the moon to our system, are, according to Barthel, an astronomer and a professor at the University of Groningen and, indeed, a fascinating one. “But in addition to fascinating, she does not have to prove it,” he continues. The influence of the moon and well-being, it is a kind of faith. That is, you should do it, but it is not to be trusted.”

“When the moon is full, it is in the light, and we are difficult to sleep”
Peter Barthels, astronomy

Let’s debunk of the maanmythes, but the knowledge about it. There is no relationship between the position of the moon and human behavior or well-being, concluded the scientists, Ivan Kelly, James Rotton, and Roger Culver, from the University of Saskatchewan in the early nineties. They are also responsible for the largest scientific study into the effects of the moon that’s ever been done before.

No effect, no publication

In 2014, examined Martin Dresler, from the Radboud University (nijmegen), together with colleagues from the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich, and the influence of the moon on your sleep.

There is no demonstrable link between the lunar cycle and the quality of sleep during the night, they said. Dresler is examined in the scheduled swimming program, from published and unpublished studies, and did not find any association between quality of sleep and the phase of the moon.

He speaks of the publication bias. Some of the studies that have been either consciously or unconsciously, have never been published precisely because they have no respect showed. So this is the idea that the moon does have effect on your sleep, according to Dresler.

With a full moon. (Photo: Rausch)

The outside is made of light

The idea of getting to sleep with a full moon it is to be explained, according to the U.s. research community. When the moon is full, it is too bright and, therefore, we are harder and harder to sleep at night. Also, people are more likely to leave in the evening, be active and go outside with all that that entails.

The events will be better-lit, and remember it, because the moon so brightly shone. Like that night that you gave birth to an animal is weird, saw it there, or have an accident and saw it happen.

That is, myths are taken up by the media, the researchers say. “Because of the constantly repeated association between the full moon and human behavior it is not surprising that such beliefs are widespread.”

Compared to ten in scientific studies to choose the media would like to have a single source that says that the moon was full, the night of the accident, a felony, or any other special event, set up by the scientists.

“Hey, you have been a maangeboorte’!’

Need a refresher course on astronomy Barthel: and the moon shines not of itself, but is illuminated by the sun, and the earth will flood. When the full moon is the side of the moon, the earth, is directed entirely relieved.

In spite of all the scientific research that has been carried out, there are a lot of people who do believe in the power of the full moon. The pseudo-science of astrology, has a different view, and believes strongly in the connection between the moon and our own health.

So is the astrologer, Claire Cross, confident of the effect of celestial bodies on our mind and body. The full moon is a good time to get the balance of your life, you have to make it, ” she says. “As the moon reflects the light of the sun, and thus it is a full moon, a perfect time to reflect upon your own health or the state of being. A new moon is a start. The energy is palpable.”

According to Barthel, this is a belief but not a fact. The above-mentioned scientific studies disprove astrology. Why is it that people still continue to believe, for example, to say that there was more breeding with the full moon.

Women have given birth more than once a full moon

The statistics show that there are no more women to give birth when the moon is full, ” says Barthel. But, he says, is to explain where the idea came from. “The moon seems to be in a week a month. As a nurse with a baby in the world, and her car runs, she thinks, so there is little or no full moon, take a look, again, this maangeboorte’! In a half-moon or no moon at all, she thinks nothing at all.”

The meetings have been in the moon so that the participants are not in the water, wanted to walk away. And cast on the full moon simply gives more light to the ontkiemend the seed, causing it to grow faster, according to Barthel. According to the astronomical, many of the maanmythes is not about the lunar energies, but in the physiology (biological science tasks study).

However, there is also, a scientist is still a mystery: the female menstrual cycle. “It’s almost the same as the lunar cycle, and they are not well-studied. It is an object of curiosity to europeans. We understand that it isn’t.”

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