Docville 2018: six documentary films that jump out

For a surgeon with a hand drill, the Philippine censors of Facebook, or repentant vrouwenmeppers you need to go to Leuven. Preferably at Docville, the festival, the best documentary films in the picture.

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Operate with hand drill and suspended along a fishing line

Freed from bureaucratic red tape complies with the Swedish surgeon Erik Erichsen in Ethiopia to the operating table. That the right medical equipment is missing, can not spoil the fun. With a hand auger from the local Brico, some hose clamps, bicycle spokes, hairpins and suspended along a fishing line to succeed the also. The Rebel Surgeon shows how.

On Friday 23/3, Sunday 25/3 and Wednesday 28/3

Minimize me

The central figure of Docville had Morgan Spurlock, the director for Super Size Me sick vrat in McDonald’s. But Spurlock does not dare to go out since he is accused of rape. Docville opens, therefore, not with Super Size Me 2, but with a #MeToo-docu. In A Better Man go Attiya Khan the conversation with the ex who has been abused.

On Wednesday, 21/3, Wednesday 28/3 and Thursday 29/3

Boerenzonen spied

Feel My Love, Waiting for August and recently Rabot: Belgian bioscoopdocumentaires shaving high peaks. Docville presents the ten best of the past year. There are also part of the Berlinale selected Ceres . That is a poetic and intimate portrait of four children in remote Zeeland farms to live.

On Wednesday 28/3

Censorship of Facebook & Google

Is the world to the Philippines? The sinister The Cleaners suggests they will, and explains how social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pornography, terreurvideo and other vunzigheden ward. Apparently, they leave that job over to an army loonslaven in Manila. Documakers Moritz Riesewieck and Hans Block have questions.

On Thursday 22/3, Saturday 24/3 and Monday 26/3

Roll Portman

Animals eat convinced lots of people to less or no meat to eat. Because not everyone enjoys reading, it seemed the actress and dierenactivist Natalie Portman a good idea to of the bestseller by Jonathan Safran Foer a docu. In Eating Animals , she tells everything what you especially do not want to know about the origin of that slice of ham between your sandwich.

On Friday 23/3, Monday 26/3 Tuesday 27/3

Books, books, books

In the New York Public Library you will find six million books, but veteran Frederick Wiseman focuses on the 197-minute long Ex Libris on the people: writers, readers, employees, job seekers. As always the images speak for themselves, without voice-overs or talking heads, and puts Wiseman’s nothing in the scene. “I’ve had it my whole life hoerengeluk,” says he himself. You then again has the luck that this legend still lives and works.

On Friday 23/3

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