Documentary Pisnicht: The Movie must be the future for gay people to improve

In his new documentary, Pisnicht: The Movie shows the 35-year-old Nicholas Veul to see how young homosexuals with prejudice should be and life, which is more difficult coming out of the closet.

The main focus of the issue is Veul contained in the many homograppen’, which can still be made. That does not mean, however, that humor is a taboo subject in his film.

“I have to make this movie, really hoping that the new generation of gay men will be better. So I have to be very, very good, and with a sense of humour and sharpness, and show you that there really is something going on. It has been obvious for a joke, but it’s a kind of caption for homograppen,” says Veul, in an interview in VPRO tv Guide.

“I’m mark by the way, in my own circle of friends, a change. We made that joke too often, then the thought came to me, I have to do for a while, and you don’t want to be the most challenging. But sometimes it went too far, and then you are suddenly again, which is crazy dirty with all the prejudices that go with them.”

‘Homograppen and football go hand-in-hand

One of the reasons for the Veul, in the theme of scuba diving and were on the columns of Youp van ‘t Hek in Dutch. Therein, the father of the comedian’s use of the word pisnicht, which, according to him, not as a term of abuse, should be taken. However, what is not considered is experience, a person can indeed feel uncomfortable.

In order that the impending stand-off, to illustrate, was Veul for his documentary on a visit to a club. “Homograppen and football go hand-in-hand, so it was obviously the first place to go shooting”: what jokes do you hear in the locker room, and what’s behind it? A football club is, of course, is the place that you are always bypassed as a gay man, and I did.”

Pisnicht: The Movie is a part of the 3Doc, and will be on Thursday, August 1, at NPO3 sent out. Director / producer Veul previously worked on projects such as Super Stream, for Me, Oudtopia, and #followme.

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