Doctors UMC Utrecht to develop 3D-method for a better place pacemaker

Doctors UMC Utrecht to develop 3D-method for a better place pacemaker

Physicians of the UMC Utrecht to a new technique that has come to a pacemaker. In this way you can make more precise and the cost of healthcare down.

The doctors use for this new method, special 3D images, the so-called Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT).

The places of the wires of the pacemaker is a complex act for cardiologists. The tiny wires must be exactly in the right place behind the heart to be placed. Especially the placement in the left ventricle is complicated by the presence of connective tissue after a myocardial infarction and a nerve which is close to the heart to the diaphragm.

In about 30 to 45 percent of the cases, the wire is not properly placed in the left main pumping chamber, allowing patients to have no or little benefit from the treatment. With the CRT-treatment can more precisely be determined where the wires need to come out, causing the pacemaker to more people at one time works.

Doctors UMC Utrecht, post pacemaker under 3D image-based guidance


According to cardiologist Mathias Meine takes the procedure with the new method is also shorter because the wires are directly on the right spot to be placed. “This is a great advantage for the patients and for the healthcare professional: the procedure is shorter and simpler, the röntgenstralingsbelasting takes off, and the result is better. This will improve the clinical outlook and the quality of life, and there are significant cost savings.”

Meanwhile, in the UMC Utrecht in the last few weeks, all five patients successfully treated with this new 3D method. According to figures from the heart foundation to get in the Netherlands each year 25,000 people diagnosed with heart failure. Almost 142.000 people in our country have heart failure; 85 percent of these older than 65 years.

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