Doctors terminally ill baby Charlie threatened with death

Doctors terminally ill baby Charlie threatened with death

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The staff of the hospital where very ill British boy Charlie Gard is dealt with in the past period several death threats and curses.

Director Mary MacLeod of the Great Ormond Street Hospital late Saturday to know that even in the hospital to the incidents. In a statement, she says that doctors and nurses online and on the streets thousands of offensive comments have been received.

The hospital enlisted the police in after other families that the hospital visited were harassed. In addition, it speaks MacLeod of “unacceptable behaviour” within the walls of the hospital.

The parents of Charlie, who by a rare genetic abnormality nothing can independently and probably in pain, are in a legal battle with the hospital. They want Charlie to the USA for an experimental treatment, but according to the doctors that made no sense. MacLeod understands that the emotions around this case is high, but finds that there are no excuses for what has taken place.


Monday is the appeal and the judge decides whether new expertise suspending justify the earlier opinion that it is medically inadvisable for the eleven-month-old baby in to keep it alive. The doctors that the baby have hitherto treated, do not believe that Charlie can still be helped because he already had irreversible brain damage has occurred.

According to an American doctor, there is a 10 percent chance that the treatment has an effect. The parents raised more than a million euro in treatment in the US.

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