Doctors are excited about two promising ebolabehandelingen

Researchers are a step closer to the first effective treatment for the deadly dengue fever virus. In a clinical trial in the Congo showed two different drugs, the survival rate of patients, rising to more than 94 percent of the time .

The two experimental drugs, REGN-EB3 and mAb114 called, were developed with the antibody which have been extracted from the people who have ebola (see photo). In a clinical trial, a total of four kinds of drugs to be tested.

Of the patients with a very low concentration of virus in the blood, which is REGN-EB3 were to survive for 94 percent of the time. By the way mAb114 it was found that 89 percent of the time.

The U.s. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIH), said the test carried out, let it be known to you that the funds will be provided to all the ebolapatiënten in the Netherlands.

The clinical trial is not yet over. The NIH says, is to aim for a total number of participants 725.

NIH director Anthony Fauci called the results “very good news” for the fight against ebola. “What this means is that we now have to have two treatments for a disease for which we have not so long ago, no treatment.”

‘Very encouraging, but it is not doodsklap for ebola’

The head of the emergency by the world health organization (WHO), Mike Ryan, said that the positive results of the experiment were encouraging, but cautioned that the two drugs will not be enough to make the disease all the way to the stop.

“The news of the day is great. It also gives us a new tool in our tool box for the fight against ebola, but it will be ebola, not to stop the force,” he said.

There are also experimental vaccines being tested in order to ebolabesmettingen to avoid it. Also, in the past few months, progress has been made.

An outbreak in the Congo, the second most ever

The dengue fever virus breaks out in East Congo has been in business since August of 2018. Certainly, over 1,800 people have to live through the current battle. Efforts to control the disease, or the patients in the quarantine may be made more difficult by the brutal militia groups that are active in the area, and by the distrust of the population towards the people.

The time in Congo is one of the biggest so far. Between 2013 and 2016, led to a disease outbreak in West Africa are Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone has spread, more than 11.300 life.

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