Doctor’s advice: When you find a prostaatonderzoek should be doing

Each week, reply to Edwin de Vaal (46), a general practitioner in Nijmegen, a faq or a striking question from his practice. This week: When you have a prostaatonderzoek to do?

“The prostate is a gland in men. It is under their bladder and produces a fluid and energy in the form of sugars, so that sperm can swim. Typically, a prostate gland grows as a man gets older, that is normal.”

“General practitioners and urologists have no clear directive when it comes to research into prostate cancer; at what age you that the best you can do and also how often. However, it is now clear that older men more likely for prostate cancer.”

“80 percent of the eighty men has prostate cancer”
Edwin de Vaal, general practitioner

“So, about 80 percent of the eighty men prostate cancer. A large part of them do not know that, never gets complaints, and not to death. Prostate cancer at this age grows very slowly and usually death people to other diseases: only one in two thousand men dies in the end to prostate cancer.”

Advice: get as needed for preventive research

“In men between 45 and 55 years of age is different: they often get an aggressive form of prostate cancer. I advise patients should always to around their fiftieth to the practice for an examination, especially when it’s in their family occurs.”

“During the examination of the prostate with a finger through the rectum designed and examined on pavements and other irregularities. It feels normal, then the chance of prostate cancer small.”

When you need your prostate examined?

  • If you are worried and/or (bph) have
  • Around your fiftieth
  • If prostate cancer at a young age occurs in the family

“I feel something or I doubt after the physical exam, then I will show the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) value measured via a blood test. PSA is a substance that is made by the prostate. The value of this is often higher in older men, but can also be a sign of cancer.”

“The PSA test is slightly raised, then I recommend to a patient the test again later on to see if the values have now been dropped. Is the PSA-value is greatly increased, then I will refer someone to a urologist for further investigations and searches for cancer cells in the prostate.”

Unpleasant, but well worth it

“A number of patients does a physical examination, do not sit, because it makes them uncomfortable seems and that I understand best. They ask me to only have a blood test to do, but as a doctor I advise you to always first, that examination of the prostate to do.”

“Even though the physical examination unpleasant, I recommend it”
Edwin de Vaal, general practitioner

“The risk is that the PSA value is increased, while there is nothing wrong with it. For example, this happens in patients who are older and an enlarged prostate. In that case I would they are unnecessary to the urologist to refer with all the unnecessary screening of such a result.”

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