Doctor’s advice: What you can do against voorjaarsmoeheid

Each week, reply to Edwin de Vaal (46), a general practitioner in Nijmegen, a faq or a striking question from his practice. This week is: what can you do against voorjaarsmoeheid?

“So at the end of winter and the beginning of spring I hear of patients during the surgery often complain of languor, and a slow feeling. They want to do things, but at the same time there is little puf for.”

The body is in wintermodus

“Who every year at the end of the winter suffer from that languor and a pattern to recognize, can suffer from voorjaarsmoeheid. Hormonal state the body is still in the wintermodus, because of the cold and dark period that we had.”

“The body is, therefore, in idle mode gone. This is from the nature in our programmed: formerly, there was in the winter, eat less, and you had to be so economical with energy. Many animals you see that still: they go into hibernation.”

Symptoms of voorjaarsmoeheid

  • Less energy
  • Lifeless
  • Tired
  • Do want, but not have the energy to have

“In addition, your body makes vitamin D when the sun on your skin is shining, but due to the absence of the sun in the winter months, you beginning of spring often by your vitamin D stock. Because of this you can get tired and even muscle and joint pain. That I see in my practice with all patients, but more often in veiled patients and (older) people who have little outside.”

Locate the light on

“Dive, especially not to your bed in order to sleep, because that works counter-productive. I advise patients just to be active. Go especially in the afternoon, when the sun is the most shining, good to the outside. Take a walk or take the bike to work. Within you can in search of light by the dining table or the desk near the window. Your body records all of the changes and therefore break out of the hibernation-feeling.”

Tips against voorjaarsmoeheid

  • Get out
  • Stir in the fresh air
  • Find the (sun)light on, also within
  • Eat vitamin D-rich foods, for example oily fish such as herring, salmon and mackerel
  • As a complement to the other tips you can next winter, a vitamin D tablet to try

“In addition, you can also take extra vitamin D-rich food, for example oily fish. On the site of the Nutrition centre you find a lot more sources of vitamin D. Finally, you might consider starting in november a vitamin D supplement to swallow, until the jacket outside again. But find especially the light on. That not only has an effect on your energielevel, but also on your mood.”

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