Doctor: What is the cost of a visit to my doctor?

Each week, reply to Edwin de Vaal (46), a general practitioner in Nijmegen, a frequent or notable question from his practice. This week is: What is the cost of a visit to my doctor?

“It is often thought that a visit to the doctor you cost money, but in the Netherlands everyone for this insured through the basic insurance. A health insurance company will reimburse all care provided by the gp and this falls outside the mandatory own risk. Stronger still: the account of the doctor is directly by the health insurance paid, and you see not even passing by.”

“In addition to the call with the doctor – and increasingly also e-mail – of course you can also come along to the practice. For example, for a consultation, but also for various studies, such as measurement of your blood sugar level and blood pressure or urinalysis. Also medical procedures, such as the removal of a mole, are within the basic package. Some of the practices and assess yourself hartfilmpjes.”

Just outside of the praktijkdeuren does it cost money

“Only as a gp, more research must be done outside the doors of the practice, that care under the deductible. Think of it as a referral to the hospital for examination or treatment by a specialist, such as an x-ray, blood test or microscopic examination of, for example, who dropped birthmark.”

“Also taking medication prescribed by a doctor are covered by the compulsory own risk. So is the injection by the nurse is paid for, but funds for this purpose are purchased by the doctor, not. The same is true for birth control: the placement of an iud falls within the basic package, but the coil itself has a cost.”

“As a gp, it is so neat to get a patient to mention when something money can cost. I get, for example, a bump away from someone, and it seems to me wise to this further examination, I advise my patient to send to the hospital. In addition I will mention is always that this entails extra costs.”

De Waal thinks it’s so neat to patients that are directed to the hospital, to tell you all that this entails extra costs (Photo: 123RF).

A doctor can often no indication of charges

“It is good to know that a general practitioner often does not know how high the cost outside the practice. So I don’t know exactly what an x-ray cost and / or those in hospital A is cheaper than in hospital B. in Addition, each patient has a private, appropriate health insurance and differences in the costs per hospital sometimes enormous.”

“Anyway, whether you’re three times per year visits or in a single week, multiple times, call: to contact or visit a doctor to sit in our country for you as a patient, no charge. This has the nice side effect that there is never a financial threshold is to with your doctor to discuss.”

In short

  • Visit or consult with your doctor is within the insurance policy and is not at the expense of the own risk.
  • Of treatments that the doctor, nurse or nurse do it yourself, there are no costs connected.
  • Only if an investigation or treatment by the gp is outsourced, your own risk will be addressed. For example, when a blood test or x-ray.
  • Also prescribed drugs fall under your own risk.

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