Doctor struck complains about ‘lazy’ pregnant woman on social media

A doctor is called out about the way he treated his pregnant wife.

Oh, baby.

A doctor was faced with serious backlash after posting in a Reddit forum to ask advice about whether he in the wrong for calling his pregnant wife “lazy”.

“I shouted to her that being pregnant does not automatically mean that you are disabled and unable to do anything,” the anonymous doctor wrote in the post.

The couple, both 32 years old, doctors, as the man explains, are expecting their first child together — and he is not happy with how his wife is “very different.”


“I want my wife as much as possible…but since we found out that we were expecting, she is suddenly very different. They lost their interest in the work, we had the recent fights over her wanting to quit the medicine and stop working completely to focus on caring for the child. She no longer helps out around the house. I have to do all the laundry, cooking, washing dishes, trash, bathroom cleaning, because she says she is tired all the time,” he writes, before going on to say that she still goes with her colleagues and friends, or watches TV at home.

The doctor said that he makes $550 a year and shoulders 90 percent of the few bills by working 55-60 hours a week as a doctor. In the post he said that his wife continues to work 30 hours per week completion of her fellowship training, resulting in a $60G per year, while also pregnant.

“Add also that I am an emergency room physician, and the work is hard and can burn you easily. Note also that my wife walks to work because she hates driving, so I agreed, before we moved here for her fellowship training,” he said in the post.


It is unclear where the couple lives, but they seem to be financially set, as some Redditors pointed out.

Although the doctor seemed to be looking for understanding for his actions that resulted from his wife’s expenses “of$1200 on a ridiculous Uppababy stroller without difficulty” with him – he didn’t have much sympathy from the people on the forum.

“Yes, you are 90% of the money, but she takes 100% of the GROWING of A NEW HUMAN being IN HER BODY…”

— Reddit post

“She works 30 hours per week and is pregnant, is flooded with hormones and is probably a bit depressed, losing her drive for medicine with all of the nesting instinct. I don’t know how far she is, but she probably has a number of symptoms, and it can be a bit physically exhausting. I suppose it’s possible she is just “lazy”, but it doesn’t sound like it is,” one person defending the woman wrote.


“Also, he makes $550K a year, by himself. That stroller is not expensive to him, percentage-wise,” said another.

“Look at your income, hire a housekeeper,” said the poster of the concern about having to do everything for the household.

“[You’re the a–hole] for it to explode on her like that. Yes, you are 90% of the money, but she takes 100% of the GROWING of A NEW HUMAN being IN HER BODY, plus the pain, suffering and permanent changes to her health, that will happen as she goes along. Oh, and the actual risk of death during childbirth,” a commentator wrote.

“The fact that we explain to him, doctor, that pregnancy is hard on the body…really quite scary,” another added.


In an update of the post, the doctor tried again to endear himself to readers with a discussion of the difficult commute may be “about 3 hours total per [day],” although it does not appear that he earned himself more supporters.

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