Doctor: If fever with spots dangerous in children

Each week, reply to Edwin de Vaal (46), a general practitioner in Nijmegen, a frequent or notable question from his practice. This week: when is a fever with spots dangerous in a child?

“A sick child has a fever and will sometimes scratch on the body. That is usually caused by a viral infection, is not dangerous and draws itself back away. But some parents scare often.”

“They think in spots early on, the symptoms of meningitis (meningitis), a dangerous inflammation that mainly occurs in babies, young people and people with little resistance. Without treatment, it can even be fatal.”

Red spots on skin mostly harmless

“That fever spots on the body of a child, is normal. Because the body responds to toxins of the infection are blood vessels to dilate, resulting in red spots on the skin.”

“In most cases indicates that on a fairly innocuous viral infection, such as the sixth disease and chickenpox. It can also be an allergic reaction to such medications . As long as a child with a fever and spots to a certain extent still happy and reasonably active, you’re basically not a big worry. You look first to the child and only then to the spots.”

The symptoms of meningitis

  • High fever
  • Red-purple spots on the skin
  • Headache, stiff neck
  • Surrender
  • Less or do not want to drink
  • Drowsiness

“Only if the child is not more comforting, drowsy, moaning, and for a long time no more drink, you need to be extra alert. Often says the parental instinct at that time was already enough: this is not true.”

Puntbloedinkjes can immune response to meningitis are

“If you have the spots for your sick child do not trust, you can have a clear drinking glass on it. This push the blood vessels in the skin, empty it and check you through the glass what with the spots.”

“Is a speck less and you see a normal skin color, then you know: these are only some dilated blood vessels and harmless. See you in a short time more and more patches arise, they are purple-red and they disappear if you have a glass on top, then this puntbloedinkjes are: a vigorous immune response to, for example, meningitis.”

“In children with a dark skin is more difficult to see and I am looking for as a family doctor in the mouth or on the inside of the eyes to purple spots.”

“In the case of puntbloedinkjes the advice is to as quickly as possible, the gp practice or medical centre to call for consultation. Call if necessary via the pitch line. The nurse will have a number of security questions, which they have the situation puzzles.”

How do I check a spot with my sick child?

  • Place a clear drinking glass on the spot
  • Look through the glass or the stain disappears
  • Disappears, a speck of largely? No worries
  • Disappears the small dot, not? Consultation directly with the doctor(enpost)

“Zeul especially not with your sick child, but follow the advice of the doctor. If he or she meningitis is suspected, your child as quickly as possible to the hospital and they get medication.”

“Because a meningitis fierce and often fatal, it is good that there are now vaccinated. This build young children’s immune system and we can a lot of suffering prevented.”

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