Do You Know About Organic Rehab?

Organic rehab, formally known as holistic addiction treatment, is an addiction rehab program that focuses on helping a person heal in all physical aspects of their life. This is an all-natural approach to treatment that uses months of cleansing as a way to help someone finally get their life on track as a recovered drug addict with new insight about how to remain sober without having to use medications. All organic rehab programs use:

Drug free detox

Meaning the individual will enter into the organic rehab and no longer have any access to drugs or alcohol. This is a cleansing time in their recovery that can last up to one month where they will lose their physical addiction and completely cleanse their system of any negative toxins present.

Daily physical stimulation

Whether you are interested in yoga, martial arts, meditation or simply going for a long, relaxing run, you will be able to do this through all organic rehab programs. This is an option that gives a person the opportunity to become physically healthy and become healthier and more self-confident once they leave the organic rehab center.

Organic dieting

A nutritionist will work with you or your loved one is helping prepare heart healthy and satisfying meals throughout your entire stay. You will be able to learn the difference from healthy fats and non-healthy fats as well as having healthy eating that will last you a lifetime.


This is one of the most vital stages in organic rehab because it allows a person to find their inner self and be at ease with their life as it is now. Whether relaxation consist of reading a book or simply overlooking the facilities grounds, you will have several hours a day to do so, so that you can feel refreshed and healthier with every passing day.

Is organic rehab right for me?

There are many concerns when it comes to getting treatment and especially if you are not using any prescription medications as a way to ease any side affects you will experience once you are no longer using drugs. Organic rehab is ideal for any person looking to make the transition towards a life without addiction and is actually recommended as one of the leading options for people living with all types of addictions.

Can I enter into organic rehab if I have a mental disease?

Yes. Organic rehab offers dual diagnosis that focuses on treating an addiction to drugs or alcohol as well as the mental disease that can include but is not limited to:

  • – Bi-polar disorder
  • – Eating disorders
  • – Depression
  • – Anxiety

You no longer have to worry about the troubles in your life because they will no longer be an issue. Getting help through this addiction treatment program will allow you to overcome your struggles in life without being under a haze due to daily medications that are “supposed” to help you overcome your addiction for the long run.

Choosing the organic rehab approach to treatment will allow you to go through treatment completely capable of making your own decisions without problems such as obtaining another addiction that can occur if you choose to get treatment through a traditional rehab program.


The option of aftercare is another plus to choosing organic rehab. This option will allow you to get additional help that you need in overcoming your addiction to drugs or alcohol once you have left the actual rehab center. You can choose from:

Half-way housing

You will remain in a house setting with others going through the same struggles that you are. This housing option allows you to work and go about your life, but you will live in a place where a group counselor will be present at all times.


Daily or weekly option that will allow you to talk about how your recovery is going with others.

Individual therapy

Allows you to communicate one on one with an addiction treatment counselor on a daily or weekly basis.

If you are ready to get help through an organic rehab holistic drug treatment, contact one today.


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