‘Do!’: Video shows a Maryland officer fatally shooting man

SILVER SPRING, Md. – Maryland authorities on Wednesday released body camera video of police officers fatally shooting a man who he says attacked him.

One of the videos released by Montgomery County Police showed Officer Anand Badgujar walk and walk through a neighborhood on June 11, after Robert White, 41, a black man from Silver Spring, who was unarmed.

During his pursuit, Badgujar heard screaming to White, “Hey, big man, you must stop.”

After an initial confrontation, Badgujar told a dispatcher, “He has his hands in his pocket. Maybe a suicide-by-cop kind of thing.”

Montgomery County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger said in June that White was unarmed, but he attacked Badgujar after the officer “attempted to speak” with him. Badgujar ended up in the area of the Silver Spring townhouse community on a non-related call, but it was not initially clear why he focused on the White.

With the situation escalating, the officer tried to pepper spray White, police said, and then called in the help after the man had moved.

Later in the video, after getting a certain distance between himself and the officer, White seemed to shout: “Go in the car. Stop following me if you’re not going to do it.” The two men had reached a town house complex.

If Badgujar approached, he told White, “Sir, I don’t want to shoot you. Sir, I don’t want to (expletive) shoot you, bro.”

Badgujar was later shown to achieve in his car under the steering column for the turn off of the ignition.

White was heard on the video shouting, “Do it!” multiple times on the agent. At one point, he seemed to try to be in a police cruiser.

Near the end of the video, White takes a few stutter steps in the direction of the officer to continue to shout: “Do it!” and “Big shot!” White charged the officer. Badgujar burn two times and falls on the sidewalk. White is heard to endure, then seemed to shout “Do it again!”

In the ensuing struggle in which the officer is still on the ground, he fires more shots. White falls and stops moving.

Howard County State Attorney Dario Broccolino said in a July 27 letter to Manger after a review of the facts and the law, it was concluded that Badgujar actions “were justified under the circumstances.”

Broccolino noted that the researchers viewed the videos and other evidence and Badgujar responded to questions officers of justice put to him by his lawyer.

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