Do this in the bath with you

An hour of relaxing in a warm bath, with a big pile of flowers fragrant foam. For some people, this is the ultimate time for everything just let loose. But how healthy is it really for a bath?

The phenomenon of bathing dates back from long before our time. In the Roman time, there were already baths and thermal baths built. This was not (only) to the dirt to wash off, but mainly for relaxation.

Also in the Chinese ancient times, they went like in a bath. There were medicines, flowers and herbs in the warm water mixed to the Yin to restore, the energy which, inter alia, for water, silence and peace.

Bathing provides relaxation

Psychologist Neil Morris of the university in Wolverhampton did in 2002, research into the psychological effects of bathing. He showed that we bad the happiness hormone serotonin create. Also would the hot water stress removal. In short: bathing provides, according to Morris, such as the ancient Romans and Chinese all thought, for relaxation.

Researcher of the Radboud UMC Thijs Eijsvogels agrees. According to him, it makes taking a hot bath will ensure that the blood vessels of the skin dilate. This allows your body temperature to increase, causing the heart rate increases and energy consumption increases. “But that has not much affect on your performance, and is not exhaustive. Stronger still: I think most people understand quite and relaxed from the bath.”

In an article that last year wrote, told Eijsvogels even though the energy consumption increases by lying in hot water. Due to the increased temperature of the body is the metabolism according to the researcher slightly faster than at rest, causing you to burn more calories than when you’re in the bank. “But certainly not more than when you exercise.”

The skin is less and less happy with soaking in hot water

Although the spirit and even the metabolism seem to operate in a bath, the skin, according to dermatologist Marjolein Leenarts slightly less happy with the soaking in hot water. After a bath or shower water will evaporate on the skin and take the water out of the skin, explains the dermatologist. A combination of hot water and soap causes under Leenarts for that skin oils dissolve and disappear in the walls.

“With old-fashioned washing with a washcloth is also nothing wrong”
Marjolein Leenarts, dermatologist

Leenarts did last year, a survey of more than a thousand people about their room and badgedrag. It emerges that a quarter of the parents a bad parent feels like they have their child a few days do not wash.

Parents also have the idea that it is not enough to help their child with only water to rinse, but according Leenarts is a hot, sudsy bath, all except good for the skin. “A bath dries the skin out and if you a zepende bath gel, this can really be disastrous.”

‘Take a bath should feel can

Take a bath should be according to the dermatologist can, but preferably not more often than three times per week. To the for your skin a little enjoyable, it is important not to be too long to remain lying, because the longer you are in the bath, the more your skin dries out. In addition, you can find the best products on oil-based paints to use, and you can after the bath rub with a body cream or fatty ointment.

“A bath is for many people a moment of relaxation and that is always good, but have you or your child has a dry skin, I recommend the shower or bath once a day to save. With old-fashioned washing with a washcloth is also nothing wrong.”

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