Do this for a month with no alcohol in your body

In IkPas, the English version of Dry January, this year again, thousands and thousands of people. They may try a month with no alcohol to drink. But what impact does it have to do with your body?

“It may be that your liver values at the end of the month will be better,” says leverarts Joep de Bruijne, of the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU). “But you will notice short-term effects such as improved sleep, mental and physical fitness and also weight-loss.”

“It’s all right to give your body a month to rest, then your liver to recover,” says preventiewerker Tom van verslavingsinstelling Jelinek, who works in partnership with the IkPas, the English version of Dry January.

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And Carina, Verstraete, clinical nurse specialist in liver disease at the UMCU, it mainly focuses on the benefits: “You build up your alcohol tolerance decreases, so that in February, less alcohol, don’t have to drink to get the same effect as previously experienced. However, if you are on the same level, proceed as in January, this effect is also very good.”

IkPas it can also lead to the annoying symptoms and lead

IkPas may be, on the other hand, also lead to unpleasant symptoms result, said Bart,. The people who used to have a couple of glasses a day, will be at the beginning of may, however, suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, and poor mental health. “That’s too bad, but it’s not dangerous.”

Three years ago, alcohol is completely out of the pyramid, the Nutrition has been removed, as drinks are not a healthy diet is best. Alcohol according to De Bruijne also have a lot of health problems. “If you have more than ten drinks per week, drink it, then it increases the risk of premature death is significantly increased. Alcohol can lead to liver damage, liver cancer, and premature death. It’s really all about the járen.”

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In this light, it is according to Verstraete, is the reason why so many people January is a month of stopping the drinking of alcohol. People are, according to her, is much more aware of the form of the body and want to show their deeply ingrained habits to break.

“They want to experience what it means to your body and do not drink alcohol to drink more. I do think, however, that this is good, because it can help to ensure that this time really is different, with alcohol involved.”

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According to figures from the IkPas is the same: 65 per cent of the participants drank after the action is still 36 percent less than it used to be. This is really beneficial, ” explains De Bruine out. “One month of no beer, wine or any other alcohol is offered for the improvement of the short-term, but if you use it longer, keep it up, you will get also effects on the longer-term, such as decreased anxiety symptoms, improved memory, reduced risk of depression and certain types of cancer.”

The benefits

  • Liver values can be
  • Get a better night’s
  • To be physically and mentally fit
  • Weight loss
  • Completed alcohol tolerance

Withdrawal symptoms

  • A bad mood
  • Unrest
  • Sleep

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