Do not overdo it: how Tuchel at Dortmund his own diamonds ingooide

Wrongly or not, three days after bekerwinst is the realm of Thomas Tuchel at Borussia Dortmund. The coach left BVB better and more attractive football than ever, but pays the price for his tactical excess and multiple conflicts within the club.

Tuchel left Borussia Dortmund better than ever to play football, but lived for months on a collision course with CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke. © AFP

Tuchel is/was (a few years strike out what does not fit) according to German media one of the main characters of the fresh load modern coaches over the past seasons name made in the Bundesliga. The middle of last season was the 43-year-old trainer is a revolutionary, because he Borussia Dortmund after six fat and one of lean years under Jürgen Klopp despite a lot of loss of quality even better, let football. His resignation does not mean that some compliments, nothing more remaineth, but that we worship for the tactical genius of young coaches in the proper perspective must be kept.

More variation

That Borussia Dortmund last season the best football made in Germany, was not unjustified lofconclusie. The club picked up, although no price, but after the rampseizoen which Klopp only seventh, suffered the game in the transition year, an impressive improvement. Klopp employed a type of physical Blitzkriegtactiek, with the fast recapture of the ball – in hipstertermen ‘gegenpressing’ – as a tactical core business. Simply put: the counter against the counter.

With the departure of Klopp and the advent of Tuchel was thus dealt with that monotony in the game. He implemented a more attacking variation, where the rate of possession increased considerably. In the last two seasons of Klopp had Dortmund, on average, 52 percent possession of the ball, under Tuchel was that, with some exceptions, always more than 60 percent. Tuchel opted not longer for the response, but wanted to impose its will upon the opponent.

In that plan was Ilkay Gündögan his field marshal and sleutelpion. Who was able to get the game to dictate, forward, distribute, and also had an excellent dieptepass in the feet. When his departure drew Tuchel the map of Julian Weigl (21), an intelligent midfielder with an excellent technique and in the eyes of the coach is cut out for the role in the centre. It is partly the merit of Tuchel that both he and other youngsters like Christian Pulisic, Raphaël Guerreiro Ousmane Dembélé in a fast pace ripened. The coach proved itself as an excellent ploegbouwer, that transfers of key players, there is very clever in managed young talent the confidence and right fit.


German media are wild of the trainersgeneratie where in addition to Tuchel also Julian Nagelsmann (Hoffenheim) and Martin Schmidt (Mainz 05). The concerns of coaches as a footballer not a far-reaching background and only rely on accumulated tactical knowledge, data and statistics, psychology and dietetics. Tuchel live in the belief that he and his team tactically in that degree can be aged, so that they effortlessly have multiple systems under the knee and during games simple of game mode can switch.

How attractive the football of Borussia Dortmund under Tuchel might be, how significantly its share in the development of young talents in the selection and how big the pet is also is that the media and fans of Tuchel ophebben, his frequent tactical gesleutel worked the past few months, especially on the system of different players. According to Bild, went under more Aubameyang for a full dressing room against the constant adjustments to the game play. Also Marcel Schmelzer, nota bene the master, uttered after the bekerzege immediately criticism on his coach because that Nuri Sahin had not let play. “We are completely behind Nuri”, she said. Marco Reus was his captain.

To be honest, Sahin is not more than kernvulling at Borussia. Also honest: Tuchel threw the rudder effective (?) often. In the German press regularly referred to the matches against AS Monaco, in which Dortmund with a naive acting driemansdefensie about two matches, six goals against. Also picked up Tuchel with frequent rapid switches, with which he his the capabilities of his team in regards to the switch quickly to other systems largely overestimated. An important nuance in the double defeat against the Monegasken is the bomb attack on the team bus the day before the race, with Marc Bartra with injuries was transported, and the players mentally were not ready to 24 hours later, the match already off to work.


Tuchel learned in the past few months that football essentially no chess game between coaches, but in the first place, a showdown between players. Win or lose depends rarely only on the tactical picture. How attractive Dortmund last season, also played soccer, had 77 goals across all competitions. Of that number, there were 27 (35%) a counterattack made, what does decide that beauty is in the front of the wanstaltigheid back rarely covert. This is the football of Dortmund actually at right angles to that of the ancient German philosophy, where you, with a rumbling organisation no matches can win.

Of course, are not the players or the process of Tuchel at the base of his resignation. The are not more than the proverbial drops in the bucket did overflow. The bucket that he last summer itself began to fill by being negative on the transferpolitiek of the club. With Gündögan left his metronome in midfield, and with Mats tiny toddlers the heart of the defence. In every line he saw one sterkhouder inrukken, but that the club has no full-fledged replacement for captain tiny toddlers attracted lay him heavy on the stomach.

A second debate followed: Tuchel would be in the clinch with hoofdscout Sven Mislintat, who has close ties with technical director Michael Zorc, and him of the training complex banned. After the heenwedstrijd against Monaco leaked the news about a third collision. After the attack, said Tuchel his wish for the match against Monaco for longer than 24 hours and, if possible, even a week, to suspend, but CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke refused.

“The length of our conversation talks about how it’s expired,” said Tuchel Tuesday morning to Bild when he returned from a seizoensevaluatie with the clubdirectie. The coach was just fired, three days after he his first prize as a coach, had conquered. “I’m for the first time in love with a club,” he said of last season in full euphoria after a victory in the Kohlenpott-derby against Schalke 04. However, love affairs are like pancakes: the first one fails always.

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