‘Do not eat oliebol in the champagne’

‘Do not eat oliebol in the champagne’

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In the night from Saturday to Sunday will be thousands of bottles of champagne and other sparkling wines intervals. But, report experts, the oliebol better be omitted.

Martijn Burner recommends to the donuts before twelve soldier and then move over to lighter fare such as fresh fish or fresh snacks. “The acidity in the champagne (and cava) do not go well together with fat happen. After the donuts, you can get the best bread to eat and water to drink for your taste buds to reset.”

That is endorsed by Feike Postma, who works as a host in the luxury gastronomy. “I would start with champagne, then on to the wine. That fits better to the oliebol”, says Postma. “After midnight the champagne open.”

Bring in the new year to ring in the bottle is often open popped up, but that is not good to the taste, says Burner. “The sound is to groan. Someone compared the uncorking of a champagne with a beautiful woman farting’. A beautiful woman leaves no strong winds, just like a champagne elegantly and with finesse intervals should be.”

Soul of the bottle

Burner let to know that when you champagne the correct way intervals, the carbon dioxide is optimally preserved and your drinks spill.

“You have your right hand around the neck of the bottle, which your thumb on the cork. With your other hand hold the bottle to the bottom, and put your thumb in the so-called soul, the bottom of the bottle. You turn the bottle slowly so that the cork comes loose. With your thumb, hold the cork against it.”

Previously, the big data provider IRI announced that the sales of champagne is growing. Also, cava is gaining popularity: in the Netherlands, the sale of the sparkling beverage with nineteen percent. “Cava is similar to champagne, because both beverages in the same way be produced,” says Burner.

“Cava is produced in Spain, and champagne comes from France.” The Italian prosecco, the past year, considerably less was drunk (nineteen percent) is easier to stand and is made in large steel tanks. That is also the reason why the drink is much cheaper.


Champagne can be eight to ten years to mature. “This means indeed a higher price, but also smaakdimensies that the cheaper varieties are not encountered,” says Burner. “You taste than, for example, toast and nuts. Also the bubble is finer and more elegant. As Dom Perignon said when he made his first champagne: “I am tasting the stars.” A good champagne offers a subtle experience.”

For people with a lower budget, recommends Burner cava. “It is in the same way produced as champagne and the quality is excellent, the taste is often something fresher and fruitier.” Postma is also in the German Sekt is a good substitute for champagne. “You see more and more on the Dutch wine list. The hospitality industry is becoming more and more in love with German wines.” Sparkling wine is a taste of what fresher and tighter. “Moreover, it is cheaper than champagne.”

But for cava and champagne applies to both: try the bottom, so the cheapest variants, to avoid. “If your budget allows, I would definitely be a more expensive variant to buy,” says Burner. “A tip: buy a ‘grower champagne’, are champagnes that are coming from smaller wineries. These are often just as good of quality as the big names like Moët and Krug, but much better priced. Often know segment of wine speciality shops which you should have.”

“Even if you’re not a wine connoisseur, I recommend to invest in a good champagne or cava. So you learn quality to recognise and make you uncork an extra moment of sheer happiness.”

1 January

On 1 January follows for many is often the inevitable hangover. But also there could be measures against to be taken. “A good soil is important, and water in between can much suffering prevented. Also I recommend before going to bed half a litre of water to drink. And if you are in between moving to other alcoholsoorten, you better go up in the alcohol content down.”

The chance will be small, but drink is the next day still drunk. “Close the bottle well with a champagnedop”, reads the opinion of Postma. “You can champagne also good to use in a sabayon or a spoom.”

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