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The Democratic National Committee is raising the bar to solve when it comes to the qualification for the next month, the presidential nomination debate, brushing aside a complaint led by Sen. Cory Booker from New Jersey, the squeeze, the criteria of the new rules-out middle-tier candidates of the stage.

The DNC on Friday announced that the higher threshold values for the Jan.14 debate, which will be held at the Drake University in Des Moines in the run-up to the Iowa Caucuses.


On Thursday, in the debate in Los Angeles, only seven candidates qualified – without Booker, along with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii is not the stage for the first time.

On the stage in the line-up represented approximately half of the remaining field of applicants. The DNC has repeatedly criticized the whole year qualifying criteria – took the heat for the lack of diversity in the Los Angeles debate, in the only non-white candidate Andrew Yang, the Asian was American.

Booker, who had urged the DNC to the qualification for the next month dictate the debate more inclusive, reprised his criticism on Friday, told reporters that the DNC is “try to, the decisions, the people here on the ground. It’s a shame really, when you talk with people … on the ground. Most of them are not made yet [on] your mind yet.”

None of the two remaining black candidates – Booker and former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick qualified for the last debate. And the field is not only Latino candidate, former housing Secretary and former San Antonio mayor Julian Castro, also the cut. Yet Gabbard, of Samoan-American has.

To qualify for the next debate, the candidates need to reach one of the two polling-threshold values, as well as a fundraising request. The White house hopefuls will be at least 5 percent have to beat in four DNC-approved national or early-voting state (Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina) urns, or you can reach at least 7 percent in two early-voting-state polls.

The fundraising criteria for the upcoming debate at the invitation of CNN and the des Moines Register, requires campaign contributions of at least 225,000 individual donors, as well as a minimum of 1,000 unique donors in at least 20 States.

Candidates now have until the end of Jan. To reach 10, the thresholds and the window for qualifying, polling began on Nov. 14.


The former Vice-President Joe Biden; Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota; South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg; billionaire environmental advocate and organizer Tom Steyer; and Yang, qualified for the December debate. So, don, Sr., Kamala Harris of California, but she ended her White house bid before the showdown.

Booker, Castro, and Gabbard, the reach of the donor threshold is reported, but fell short of reaching the polling criteria.

On Saturday, Booker led a letter to the DNC issues the national party Committee’s “alternative debate training” for four-nomination debates scheduled in January and February in the early voting States.

Booker argued that the higher threshold values “unnecessarily and artificially narrowed, what started out as one of the strongest and most diverse Democratic field in history.”

Booker’s letter was signed by all seven candidates were in the debate, as well as Castro, appeared to receive a frosty reception by the DNC is specified.

Spokesman Xochitl Hinojosa said in a statement, in response to the letter that the DNC “has resulted in a fair and transparent process and campaigns here told, almost a year that the qualifying would go criteria until later in the year-not a campaign against it.”

Democratic presidential candidate sen. Cory Booker from New Jersey campaigns at a bowling alley in Adel, Iowa. Dec. 19, 2019

An optimistic Booker, on a campaign bus tour through Iowa, told reporters on Friday that “we are moving in the polls … We would have had to in this Phase, it is more of an abundance of surveys, in my opinion.”

And he downplayed the debate, saying “I think the debates are going to have an impact on the years worth of work have done in my campaign.”

Booker also said that the “irony of it, you’re gonna have a debate in Iowa, and all seven of the people, the campaigns actually was a real [Iowa] are not necessarily on the stage.”

Castro – could not who respond to to qualify for the November and December debates – immediately to the DNC-new criteria. But in an E-Mail to supporters of his campaign made a fundraising pitch, writing that “the next debate, the threshold values are already set, and we need a big wave of support to Julian in January on the stage.”

Patrick, in an interview with Fox News on Thursday in front of the DNC-criteria-news, said: “I hope that the change in a way that’s more inclusive.”

And he took aim at the debates, saying: “I hope, more than that, change the format, it actually serves as a kind of communication with the voters, and not like in a cage fight between the Democrats.”

On Friday, after the announcement, the Patrick campaign, said, “whether he is on or off the debate stage in January, our campaign will work hard to ensure that every voter, everywhere, white, Deval’s message and his plan for the renewal of the American dream and why is he the only candidate in the race with the experience and record to this country together and win in November.”

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