Dj Sidney Samson dreamed of a career as a rock guitarist

Dj Sidney Samson dreamed of a career as a rock guitarist

Sidney Samson dreamed about as a little boy of a career as a guitarist of a rock band. “The dj” and is actually on my path here and that is also very cool, but I dreamed in the past of a band like Metallica.”

With his new musical project Deadly Zoo hopes the house-dj still as a guitarist on stages to end up. “I want ever on a festival like Pinkpop are with this band and then a really big show drop.”

Last year, it began to itch at the 35-year-old dj. “After ten years in the housescene, I wanted something else to do, really go back to my roots.” So he came out with hip-hop and dancehall. Through he learned three musicians know, with whom he now Deadly Zoo. “The nice thing is: nothing was planned. Everything is very organic.”

Deadly Zoo is currently the transition of a act with a dj to a live act. “Soon we go with a band to rehearse. If we really live going to do, then I’m the guitarist. Now I’m still the dj.”

Dream come true

Samson hopes that more and more behind the decks came from. “So can I to show the public that I am really an artist I am.” Say goodbye to the dj and is for the time being not to the order. “The hinges of course on how things go, but for now it is Deadly Zoo next to the dj Sidney Samson.”

That Samson now fulfilled his childhood dream chasing, may also have to do with his divorce from Eva Simons. Last year was the marriage of the dj and the singer after two years piece. “During our marriage cijferde I myself actually a bit away and I was busy with her career. When we parted ways, I felt I had the time to myself to focus.”

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