Dj Gregor Salto: ‘Colleagues are too busy to think about privéjets’

Dj, Gregor Salto takes care of Thursday, the musical setting of the Plastic Monster Rave, an action of Greenpeace to large companies alert on their plasticproductie.

The dj, who is actually Gregor of Sacrifice is called, tells in conversation with that he is sustainability important to you. “I call on all for a while: hey, we need the world to pay attention to.” He is therefore regularly in social actions, such as the Climate March, and is ambassador of the World wildlife Fund.

On 21 march, Greenpeace is a sample of wegwerpplastic offer to Unilever and Salto, known for the hit Can’t Stop Playing, will the action start to run.

“To show: guys, it’s important that we still have to go harder to think about the production of plastic and the use thereof. The consumer of today has almost no choice: if you are in the supermarket to buy some peppers wants to buy, is that pre-packaged, but it doesn’t. The companies can make a difference. This action is not a culprit, but we’d like to let it be heard: we want something different, and we are motivated to else to do.”

‘In Japan is the festival area is completely clean’

Gregor Salto, who has more than 25 years in the business, traveling as a dj around the world and sees so well the differences in the field of the environment in the different countries. “I’ve ever seen at a festival filmed in Japan. If you are finished with the run and the people run the site, it is completely clean. No one who has even a tin can on the ground had thrown. Here is a mentality of: someone will my shit be clean, that’s not true.”

Dj’s are known, many to fly. Would Somersault that wish to limit? “Where I can, I try the train”, tells the Haarlemmer. “But it is hard, I’m not there yet. I am aware that flying is harmful to the environment. I do not want more flying, then I should consider to stop work.”

Many acquaintances and friends of the dj moving, via a private jet. “I’ve never been in a position to have one to rent, and would not do it. I think that many dj’s are too busy to be here good to think about. But it is a trap where we all sit, we are so accustomed that each plane can travel.”

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