‘Divide active and inactive persons of influence in relation to obesity’

‘Divide active and inactive persons of influence in relation to obesity’

The difference between the most and least fit individuals in a country appears to affect the percentage of people that obesity. The greater the gap, the higher the percentage.

That, say researchers from Stanford University in Nature. Scientists analysed the data on smartphones of more than 700,000 people in 111 countries and looked at how many steps people worldwide on a day.

“Sweden has one of the smallest ‘fissures’ between the most and least active people,” says researcher Tim Althoff at BBC.

“The country also has a low percentage of people with obesity. In the United States and Mexico to convert people, on average, about the same amount of steps in a day. The gap in the U.S. between active and inactive, is however larger, and the percentage of obese people is also higher.”

On average worldwide there were 4.961 steps a day. Hong Kong tops the list with an average of 6.880 steps per day, while Indonesia is bottom with an average of 3.513 steps per day.


Researchers were surprised that the gap between the most and least fit had to do with differences in activity between a man and a woman. In Japan, where men and women approximately the same amount of movement and a small gap is, is obesity a little. In countries with a large gap, such as Saudi Arabia and the U.S., will move women far less, and is obesity more common.

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