Distant black hole were marked, each 9 hours, and no one knows why

A quick video of the ‘black hole’ will be presented, in addition to the light curve, reducing age spots, very much in the X-ray spectrum, and at 9 o’clock.(Image: © ESA/XMM-Newton (G. Miniutti & M. Giustini (CAB, CSIC-INTA, Spain)

The black hole at the center of a distant galaxy-that is, they behave like any other black hole that astronomers have ever seen before.

Each of the 9 a.m., and the black hole at the center of the galaxy GSN 069, roughly 250 million light-years away, sending a bright stream of X-rays in the direction of the Earth. It is a black hole, so anything in substance; and, in the process, which heats up and gives light as it falls toward the event horizon around the singularity, the point beyond which no light or matter can escape from it. However, in 2018, the researchers who have made use of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) XMM-Newton telescope, I realized that with every peak of the 9-hour cycle in the GSN 069 the black hole would be about 100 times brighter in the X-ray spectrum.

“It was a great surprise,” Giovanni Miniutti, an astronomer at Spain’s Centre of Astrobiology and lead author on a new paper about black holes, declared in a statement of ACTIVITIES. “The huge black holes at their centers regularly, flickering, like a candle, but the quick, repeated changes are given in the GSN 069 ladies are doing something entirely new.”

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The researchers have no definitive explanation for this phenomenon. However, it is clear that they wrote it, and that there is some kind of gap or instability in the accretion disk, in the direction of the effect of the material surrounding the black hole. Maybe it’s something on the disc, due to the fact of the matter falling into the black hole in a regular pattern, or maybe it’s something in the environment (perhaps a black hole), it is the disruption of the disc in a circular manner, suggested to them.

Although astronomers have never seen a pattern like this in a black hole Miniutti and his team have proposed a number of strange phenomena have been observed elsewhere in the area, it would be in the context of this type of model. In the past, astronomers have observed black holes and dark matter get suddenly brighter, for reasons she couldn’t explain it. It is also possible, they suggested, that the brightenings were to share a similar pattern. The GSN 069 the black hole is not as large as many of the black holes that are at the core of a galaxy, the researchers noted. And it’s a 9-hour period of time, it is likely to be in any way tied to the rate at which the black hole’s rotation. The larger the black hole, it would be much more time for you to complete a full rotation, so if they show a similar pattern, it would be able to play for weeks or even months. X-ray observatory, is rarely a monitor with a single black hole for that long.

The researchers do not know for sure what is in the physical phenomenon that allows for the regular spills. One possibility is the formation of a cloud of electrons very close to the black hole — a phenomenon which astronomers already suspected it would be able to exist because of irregularities in the X-ray emission from one of the other black holes at their centers.

The paper, published today (Sept. 12) in the journal Nature.

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