Disney World slammed for ‘appalling’ animatronic Trump that, “seems to be Jon Voight’


Disney has the mess of their new animatronic Trump?

Reviews are mixed on the appearance of the new animatronic Donald Trump in Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents.

Disney has the mess of the animatronic Trump?

Walt Disney World is the preparation for adding Donald Trump to the Hall of Presidents since before he took office. A little more than a year later, the park is finally unveiling the fruits of his long-awaited labor — and early reviews on Twitter are mixed.

More than one has even stated that the animatronic likeness looks more like an Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight is Trump.

More than a few bemused Twitter users have likened the Disney’s animatronic Asset of Oscar-winner Jon Voight.


The park opened the revamped Hall of Presidents attraction for a sneak peek on Dec. 18 for his official debut on Tuesday, giving park-goers a first look at the new audio-animatronic likeness of the 45th commander in chief. The new “Trump” is said to have “the latest developments in the technology to enable smoother and more lifelike movement,” according to the official Disney Parks Blog.


But while Disney may have captured the president ‘ s animated movements of the hand very faithfully, the robot’s physical appearance is not winning praise on Twitter. Commenters have already been compared to Disney’s Trump-bone Jon Voight, but also Angela Lansbury, the character of Biff Tannen from “Back to the Future: 2” and even Hillary Clinton, his opponent in the 2016 presidential elections.

This looks like Jon Voight to play Donald Trump in The Hall of Presidents display.

— Andrew Hammond (@ahammsportsgeek) 19 December 2017

It’s weird how the Trumpet robot in the Hall of the Presidents is the Trump card of an HBO movie about five years, where he is played by Jon Voight

— Jason Bailey (@jasondashbailey) 19 December 2017

Why is Angela Lansbury in the #HallOfPresidents ???

— annie armes ? (@anniearmes) 19 December 2017

He looks like old Biff from back to the future

— Matt Daugherty (@GoBlueMattD) 19 December 2017

It looks like they were already makin a Hillary then heard the news and had to change it to an asset

— j (@jmpdddd) 19 December 2017


Others find the Trumpet parable with the off-putting, or less-than-loyal to President Trump.

He looks TERRIBLE ?

— Marie (@ree31877) 19 December 2017

That is not even close

— Logan (@BasedNews24_7) 19 December 2017

he looks like a load of CRAP! What the hell? Lincoln and others look near perfect! What have you done, find the WORST pictures?

— hibbsforchange (@hibbsforchange) 19 December 2017

Terrible likeness! They should never let their feelings get in the way of their art… those Who should be ashamed of themselves… JS

— phillybobilly??? (@philly8180) 19 December 2017

Anyway, there is no argument that Disney got Trump’s “voice” right. The park confirmed that President Trump had included with his own dialogue to be spoken by his animatronic likeness, despite earlier reports to the contrary, that Disney was forced to unmask in June.

After an introduction of the attraction animatronic George Washington, the President Trump’s likeness, says on his oath of office before launching into a minute-long speech, per a YouTube clip shared by WDWMagic.


“From the beginning, America is a nation defined by its people,” says Disney’s “Asset,” who is dressed in his signature tie and unbuttoned the jacket. “At our founding, it was the American people who rose up to defend our freedoms and win our independence.”

“Above all, to be American is to be an optimist — to believe that we can always do better — and that the best days of our great nation are still ahead of us,” Trump concludes in a later fragment.

“It is a privilege to serve as the President of the United States, to be here among so many great leaders of our past, and work on behalf of the American people.”

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