Disney makes room in which devices wireless charging

Disney makes room in which devices wireless charging

Photo: Disney Research

Disney has a space developed in which devices wireless be charged, where they are within the space are

Onderzoekstak Disney Research calls his technology “quasistatic cavity resonance’, and the method focuses on magnetic fields.

“This new innovative method makes possible the generation of electricity as widely available as wi-fi,” said Alanson Sample, the head of the group wireless systems from Disney Research at Phys. “It also ensures the new applications for robots and small devices because batteries are not needed anymore.”

Aluminum space

Disney has been working to prototype a space of about five by five metres, constructed with aluminum walls, ceiling and floor. Ten devices within that space, are all wireless charging and powered by a magnetic field when electricity is safely across.

In the middle of the room is a brass tube, in the middle of a slit and a ring of fifteen capacitors. A generator outside the room sends through the pole to show at a constant frequency, which is within the room as the magnetic field is distributed.

Devices in the space are equipped with a coil of copper wire, which resonates at the same frequency. As electricity is wirelessly transferred with an efficiency of 40 to 95 percent, depending on the distance between the device and the pole in the middle of the room.

Relatively safe

For people, it is according to Disney safely within the space to move, all users may not be closer than 46 inches at the brass pole in the neighborhood. Specially adapted smartphones start directly with wireless charging when the user selects the room they want. Ultimately, the technology combined to be applied in all buildings, or just in a box in which to charge devices in placed.

To make it entirely practical, safer and more convenient to make Disney have a system to remember that constantly accurately calculates how much electricity there is in the space is required.

Because the transferred energy due to the aluminum panels are not just vanishes, virtually all of the transmitted electricity by devices to be included. Disney says that there are now secure a constant 100 watts of electricity sent into space.

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