Discoverer ‘verjongingsmiddel’ Proxafim alerts for their own product

Discoverer ‘verjongingsmiddel’ Proxafim alerts for their own product

The Rotterdam-based scientist Peter, the Emperor warns us of the enormous demand on his own discovered a means Proxofim. The anti-verouderingsmiddel are all at different places on the internet, but it is not yet clear whether the side effects could be dangerous.

In America there is even someone who has the means to self-inject, writes the Volkskrant.

“At the end of march described The Emperor and his phd student Marjolein Baar how old mice with the substance treated will be fit again and more hair and healthier kidneys got. Barely a month later, the molecule already on sale on the internet for a few thousands of euros per cure.”

The fabric allows “senescent” cells, which influence the aging process, destroy themselves. For that reason, the researchers a need for more research into the safety of the vehicle. “Now imagine that your brain cells are affected, destroys the peptide than you remember it? We are also excited about this fabric, but this way is wrong,” said the scientists.

The researcher let the newspaper know the huge run on the way “bizarre and dangerous”. Also let him know that he thinks that there are dozens of people who are trying to the substance itself, because this is not so difficult.

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