Discover Wallonia in twenty extraordinary festivals and events

Wallonia surprised with unusual events, amazing places and separate accommodations. What is there this year, of the sort of special experience?

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Picard theatre Wallonia else

Discover picard theatre Wallonie in a different way along with a extraordinary gnome that you, armed with a log in hand, takes you on a journey of discovery to 27 museums. In any museum, is an extraordinary object. That can be a work of art, but also another surprising object. You can to the end of the year to participate in this mysterious journey full of surprises.

Jurassic Park in Belgium

Until november 4, get in Pairi Daiza the chance to see the world of Jurassic Park to explore. Fourteen dinosaurs, from the United States to live the coming months in the Garden of the Worlds. Educational panels tell about these giant animals that 150 million years on our planet roamed and in the Explorer’s Tent, visitors can themselves in the sand and dig for hidden teeth, bones, and other surprises.

Tasty tour in Blegny-Mine with the mining lamp

A walk through the mine of Blegny is already an experience in itself, but to October on every first Friday of the month a unique trip. Armed with a mining lamp, you will walk to a depth of 30 and 60 metres. En route you’ll pass smulhaltes where local delicacies such as cheese, meats and beer you can taste. Reservation is required.

Mine of Blegny © Belga

Wallonia Welcome Weekends

The Walloons invite you during the Wallonia Welcome Weekends off to you their passion and area to show. There are exhibitions, gourmet walks, shows and demonstrations in each municipality, and artists, craftsmen and other creative people to throw their doors open for you. On the website Wallonie Bienvenue you will find the dates and activities.

13 dinners 13 extraordinary places in Wallonia

Until the end of september, there are thirteen places in Wallonia dinners. The location is always a surprise, but it’s getting to places where you you almost no table for a hundred guests could imagine. The data you can find on the website Les Tables Secrètes.

Bloemenparcours in the heart of Namur

Three museums – Félicien Rops Museum, the TreM.a Museum for Ancient arts, and the Skippers/Decorative arts – until the end of september in the sign of the spectacular floral arrangements of Thierry Boutemy. The three exhibitions and a corresponding bloemenparcours together form one whole and guide you through the history of floral art. Discover the presence of nature and flowers in the heart of the city during this titillating walk.

Mourning in the Gallo-Roman museum at Ath

Although it is not the happiest topic, but something that we all get to make and what us much about the past can tell. The exhibition Dis Manibus in the Gallo-Roman museum at Ath shows the rouwtradities and rituals from the Roman time. You will see excavated objects, but also become acquainted with the important work that archaeologists perform. The exhibition runs until February 2019.

The School of the Past

You can go during the summer holidays the school does not miss out? Pull over to Treignes, and discover how school life used to be like. During the exhibition Trignolles in Espace Masson make you in eleven scenes knowledge with the rural world of the Ardennes in the years 1930 to 1960. Along the way you will need special objects to track down and solve riddles.

Contemporary art in a historic fort

Normal is the Fort of Emines, the best preserved fort of the nine forts around Namur, was closed to the public, but between 7 July and 11 november, it is open for a special exhibition. Three artists – Géorges Rousse, Renato Nicolodi, and Juan-Paparella – have works of art that elaborate on the individual memory and the relation with the collective memory after the trauma of the war of ’14-’18, which Emines a heritage.

Fort d’Emines © Belga

A ghost in the castle of La Roche

Between 7 July and 25 August, the ghost Berthe the castle of La Roche unsafe. Berthe was the daughter of a count in the tenth century. She thought she was deceived by her fiance and sold to soul to the devil on condition that they revenge could take on her fiancée and his mistress. She runs the entire summer in a white robe, on the walls of the castle in La Roche-en-Ardenne. The show is free to attend from 22 hours.

Artists at work in Zinnik

Between 6 and 25 August, you can in Zinnik see with your own eyes how artists of a stone block, a monumental work of art. Each artist gets a piece of a rough stone or a sawn block. The stones are sourced from Zinnik. The spectacle is intended to the local raw materials and the skills to get the stone to editing to promoting. Of course, also gives the artists the necessary attention.

International badkuipenrace in Dinant

Free, entertaining and humorous. That is the international badkuipenrace in Dinant, a sporting and folklore event in which the participants as soon as possible in a floating bathtub ahead, try to come. The bathtubs are only human power-forward move. They should have a trail of a mile over the river Maas for the effects of the eye of about 25,000 spectators. icipants are judged on beauty, originality and representativeness of the city or the news. Date: August 15.

Reuzenomelet on 15 August in Malmedy

Ten thousand eggs and a pan with a diameter of four feet: that it is necessary to have a reuzenomelet to bake. In Malmedy gets the Omeletvereniging there on 15 August of this project. Music, play, dance and a barbecue make for a festive touch.

Malmedy © Belga

Old-fashioned folk games in Lens-Saint-Remy

Travel back in time and relive during the Vieille Fête de volkswedstrijden of bygone times. From 17 to 19 August you can the games and competitions that the Hesbaye villages used to be organized, play. There is also a festival, a mountain bike trail, pig on the spit, music and ending with a festive fireworks.

Scottish days in braine-l’alleud

To the Scottish atmosphere, you don’t go to Scotland to attract. During the weekend of 18 and 19 August, you will discover the Scottish culture in braine-l’alleud during the Scottish Days with sports tournaments, dansspektakels, concerts and numerous proefstandjes. Braine l’alleud is not a coincidental location for this Scottish feast: the farmhouse of Hougoumont was the last authentic witness of the Battle of Waterloo.

International Straatkunstenfestival of Chassepierre

Also in the weekend of 18 and 19 August, you can in Chassepierre offers an international straatkunstenfestival. This year – the 45th edition of the event in the sign of ‘a free state of delirium’. There are more than 50 companies from Belgium, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany.

Retrofietstochten in Mountains and Ciney

On 23 August 1914 was the Battle at Bergen place. To the English soldiers, who then participated in the conflict to honor, the city a retro bike ride on Sunday 26 August. Anyone who wants to can, if dressed in English burgerkledij of the beginning of the 20th century, participate in the fifteen kilometers long bicycle ride. The ones with the most beautiful moustache, bike, hat or fanciest costume have a chance to win a prize.

In Ciney you can on August 26th, to participate in a vintage bike ride, but this is all in the sign of the gastronomy. You can choose from three routes with a length of 30, 60 or 90 km. La Savoureuse brings lovers of old bicycles, vintagemodefanaten, recreational cyclists and gourmets together.

Experimental archaeology in Aubechies

During the weekend of 25 and 26 August Belgian and foreign archaeologists in Aubechies for the public acquainted with the latest developments in archaeology. They show craft activities and experimental archaeology. The festival will be enlivened with re-enacted historical displays, activities and demonstrations. Gauls, battles between gladiators and Roman soldiers….. It crosses all generations.

Feast of the scarecrow in Piétrebais

Normally, the job of a scarecrow for birds to scare away, but in Piétrebais, they may curious to understand to the picturesque village of lure. From mid-July to mid-september you can see the strange creatures made of straw and cloths in the streets and on 18 and 19 August there is a very feast she organized. On the program of Les Épouvantails: a large flea market, a farmers market, food and drink and entertainment in the form of bouncy castles, a clown, karaoke, zumba and much more.

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