‘Dirty dog on Buitenspeeldag’

‘Dirty dog on Buitenspeeldag’

Playing outside is good for the health and development of children, as is evident from many studies. Reason for foundation Jantje Beton and television station Nickelodeon to Wednesday, June 14, to pay attention to outdoor activities for children, during the tenth National Buitenspeeldag.

Schools, youth clubs, companies and municipalities during the annual Buitenspeeldag various activities, such as Dutch games, treasure hunts and raft building. Children’s channels Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. stand Wednesday afternoon from 13.00 to 17.00 hours on black.

“Kids love bouncy castle fun, but we find it even more fun when the activities are adventurous and imaginative elements”, let spokesperson Yvette de Vries of Jantje Beton know. “So we have this edition activities with a native american – and cowboythema and a circus theme with a workshop.”


For the anniversary edition has Motivaction, commissioned by Viacom, the company behind the co-organiser Nickelodeon, research done among over a thousand parents. They were playing outside is good for the health and development of their children, but less to speak about the “outside play conditions”. So would a lot of parents near ten years ago safer for children to play outside.

Moreover, according to 29 percent of parents that there are too few facilities for their children to play outside. This problem would occur more frequently in urban areas.


In 2008, took Jantje Beton, together with Nickelodeon, the organisation of the event itself, it was previously the National Buitenspeeldag known as Straatspeeldag. The approach was more focused on safety. Among others, the street is closed for traffic, so that children are carefree outside could play.

According to De Vries is the Buitenspeeldag now more specifically focused on safer playing outside. “We want children especially to experience how much fun it is to play outside, create attention for the importance of outdoor play and of course the health aspect of it.”


The reactions of the children themselves are, according to De Vries is still the best. “Every year there is a large children’s playground, competed with Buitenspeeldag. The children indicated that they then schuimparty wanted. Then they could nice and dirty to go home. Because that of course also at play outside.”

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