‘Dirty Dancing’ remake falls flat with viewers, critics

ABC was hoping to give the fans the time of their lives by the dusting of a fan-favorite film for her latest TV musical event, but the network of the “Dirty Dancing” remake is not for the reception of the network was probably in the hope that with social media users and critics alike mock the reboot.

The musical remake aired on Wednesday and featured modernized performance and a significantly longer runtime.

Things were not good for “Dirty Dancing” prior to the broadcast, with a lot of entertainment critics to tear it apart after the beginning of the visits. USA Today called it a “miscast, misbegotten remake” and joked that no one sing can be as faithful as this.

Entertainment Weekly have an excavation on what it perceived to be, the utter lack of chemistry between the two main actors, Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes, with the reviewer says, “they are dancing Together like there’s nobody watching, kiss like strangers, try not to get mono. (Seriously, it is difficult to underestimate how little electricity there is between them, considering how much screen time they share. Potatoes have more sexual dazzle than these two.)”

Meanwhile, the griffon Vulture, attacked the TV movie for the implementation.

“The original ‘Dirty Dancing’ is an hour and 40 minutes long. Wednesday night broadcast with a duration of three hours, including commercials, with the film lasting just over two hours,” the review stated. “This thing is not extended in order to tell a richer story. It is padded for more commercial breaks.”

With the criticism expressed in the anti “Dirty Dancing” camp, the next question is, how do the regular viewers thought it stacked up against the original. It seems that the fans were not happy with ABC’s modern adaptation.

What a way to ruin a classic ‘ 80s. #DirtyDancing

— ☼☯☾ (@sbueiz02) May 25, 2017

Had the writers and directors EVER see the original movie? Set that Baby to grow up not the parents midlife crisis! #DirtyDancing

— Penney (@pdwoods726) May 25, 2017

Netflix and Amazon Prime must be bombarded with searches for the original #DirtyDancing to cleanse everyone’s soul from this disaster

— Megan (@MegLisbeth) May 25, 2017

If ABC was smart, they had the original #DirtyDancing for the next three nights in primetime without commercials, as penance for their crimes.

— Justin Schillo (@mordock57) May 25, 2017

Generally, most couldn’t help but notice that the remake lacked a certain chemistry that the original had, and seemed angry at the network for even trying.”

Others had more specific, creative gripes with the film:

Dirty Dancing Havana Nights: We are completely ruined Dirty Dancing

ABC: Hold my beer.#DirtyDancing

— Lucy on the Ground (@lucyo21) May 25, 2017

“I have always wondered what a back story on the parents?” Says no one ever! #DirtyDancing

— Yamzie (@Yamzie613) May 25, 2017

Watching #DirtyDancing can cause bleeding from eyes and ears, a broken heart and attacks of violence against your TV lol

— Shelly Lynn (@SassanachHero93) May 25, 2017

When you order online Usa when it comes….#DirtyDancing

— Bibble & Gubbles (@bibble8gubbles) May 25, 2017

A bright spot in the evening, for many, was the performance of “Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland:

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Sarah Hyland in a new adaptation of the worldwide pop-cultural phenomenon “Dirty Dancing” on ABC.


How is it with Sarah Hyland playing the sister and not a Baby? Talk about a missed casting opportunity ABC #DirtyDancing

— brittany (@brittanyoja) May 25, 2017

I admit it; I’m crying just a little bit of this beautiful duet/beautiful scene with @Sarah_Hyland and @JQuintonJohnson! #DirtyDancing

— Lynn (@shlingdong) May 25, 2017

Sarah Hyland is the best part of this movie… #DirtyDancing

— Priscilla (@mrssoto04) May 25, 2017

#DirtyDancing Sarah Hyland to save.

— Sarah James (@SarahJimmy27) May 25, 2017

However, a silver lining of the film had, perhaps, for some, seemed to be quickly interrupted by the controversial decision to [SPOILER ALERT] not bring the two main characters, Baby and Johnny together in the end:

Who has the AUDACTIY to rewrite the end of “Dirty Dancing” and have them not work together!?! I’m so sad

— lys (@arosselot27) May 25, 2017

Just when I thought they couldn’t ruin Dirty Dancing enough they changed the end…..

— Cheryl (@cmariieee) May 25, 2017

Really disappointed in the remake of dirty dancing. It was undesirable, and that end… a WHAT?!?

— Rachael Steffen (@RachaelSteffen5) May 25, 2017

That end to the dirty dancing made me sad ? I have always thought that Johnny and baby got married and had a family #DirtyDancing

— ✋ (@rachelyn04) May 25, 2017

In the end, however, a lot of people seemed to unite around the possibility of the exact same joke about the remake:

ABC go stand in the corner and think about what you have done. #DirtyDancing

— Jen (@JenCollins18) May 25, 2017

Put the baby in the corner. Turn off the lights. Close the door. And never look back. #DirtyDancing

— Reese (@NY2Pgh) May 25, 2017

Someone needs this remake of Dirty Dancing in the corner. #DirtyDancing

— Kelly Barnes (@IAmKellyBarnes) May 25, 2017

I want to be the one who decided to remake #DirtyDancing in a corner.

— Colleen Kowalski (@C_Kowalski727) May 25, 2017

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