Director of movie is It: “I didn’t try-telling stories’

The Finnish director Dome Karukoski made the film about the young John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, the author of books such as The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings. While he was in the mind of the writer was trying to crawl out, he was a striking number of similarities with his own life.

For whom is this film intended to be?

Karukoski: “I think that the movie will be two types of audience: the fans of the books, Tolkien, and the people who like emotional movies, love. This movie is about friendship, love, loss, and how your imagination comes to fruition. That was what I wanted to make a film that, even without the name It would be, and that the public would be able to make you laugh and cry.”

Why is the story of the young, It is to be told?

“I was twelve when I came to The Lord of the Rings and reading. I went through a difficult period of time. I grew up without a father, I was bullied, I was an outsider, and we were a family in poverty. As I learned more about It and began to read, I have come to discover, our stories are a lot of similarities. He, too, grew up without a father, and felt like the odd one out. Ultimately, it was His mercy, but he continued to look for bright spots in his life. I knew ahead of time how cinematic and dramatic life, but which, I think, is the answer to the question. Let’s see how he became who he was as a young man.”

Helped by the similarities in your lives, you have to be to the east of It, to understand it?

“A little bit. Of course, you can never really know what someone is thinking and feeling, but I just have to find out. I’ve had interviews with, He read it and looked at it, but those date back to the late sixties of the last century, when he was already an old and wise man. Then, you can try to be the young It is to be found. Also, are there any old letters, but when he was twelve years of age, he wrote no letters, so I looked to his artwork: what are the colors he used, what was it about the show? And where you wrote that he does not in his letters? So did his mother, who died when He twelve years of age, ed. hardly, for in a letter, which means that there is a certain problem was. I was not told stories about His job.


Trailer It

What was the biggest challenge during the making of this film.

“For me, it was: how do you put all of what you want to say in the film, and without that it’s a four-hour documentary. And what are the issues? That is, you must first define it, and around it you can do some things to tell you which of the themes to support it.”

In life, He played for his friend, Geoffrey Smith, Robert Gilson, and Christopher Wiseman, with whom he was at King Edward’s School in Birmingham, and was a big part. With them he founded His secret society, and that T. C. B. S. (Tea Club and Barrovian Society), it was called.

“I felt the importance of the friendship between the four boys, and how they are together, it’s a life discovered,” according to Karukoski. “That was the case, for It is a pivotal time in his life.”

Nicholas Hoult plays It in the movie. What did he have that was needed for such a role?

“It’s an interesting story behind it. I was still working on the script, and when I was Six the first time you met. He was standing at the top of my wish list, but I did not have a real audition for him. We will have a conversation about anything and everything – football, friendship and growing up, but not in the movie. Through his answers, I saw how it was put together. He is a very, very smart. A lot of his parts originate from the comic books, but he is a very smart, sharp and funny. The properties I saw in It. Furthermore, is He simply a young, promising actor, in the prime of his career. After that first meeting, I knew that he was supposed to be.”

On how he prepared for the role?

“He’s learned how to draw and illustrate like It. He sent me one time with a drawing he was working on the recordings for the new X-Men movie. I thought it was a clone, but he was self-signed, and while his make-up was done. We had at that time almost every day to get in touch via Skype in order to talk about how He was and how he would react to certain situations.”

For Karukoski it was His first movie that he has out of Finland and made. The production took him to a total of 2.5 years. “It was a very intensive period of time. A hollywood movie making, it means long days of running, you’re always on the job. However, I do think that the film is, therefore, just a little better.”

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