Director James Gunn: “there are Some geniuses to appreciate the Marvel movies will not’

James Gunn, the director of, among others, Guardians of the Galaxy, using Instagram to respond to the criticism that Francis Ford Coppola was expressed on the example. He points out that the genre is not for everyone, it is with us.

Gunn put his comments in response to remarks made by Coppola. The director mentioned example, ‘refused’ to respond to statements by director Martin Scorsese. “Matt was even nice when he told me that it’s not a cinema. He did not say that it is objectionable. And that’s exactly what I like,” says Coppola.

Gunn makes a comparison with the past. “Our grandfathers were thinking the same thing about the gangster movies of the times. They thought that these movies are all the same, and called it “reprehensible”. Our great-grandfathers said the same thing about westerns,” he says.

“Example, the gangster-, cowboy – and-aliens movies of today. Some of the example are terrible and some are wonderful. Just like westerns and gangster movies. Not everyone is able to appreciate them even some of the geniuses are not, and that’s ok”, says the director, who is currently working on the sequel to Suicide Squad.

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