Director Dick Maas: “Success in China is totally absurd’

The movie Prey of the Dutch director Dick Maas, is since last Friday in four thousand Chinese cinemas to see and it is all by more than a million visitors viewed. “Totally absurd,” allow the filmmaker to know.

“I didn’t see it coming. Two weeks ago, we knew only that he was in four thousand cinemas in China would appear. That he Friday at number three arrives (is now on place five, red.), in the first instance for Bohemian Rhapsody and Captain Marvel, is totally absurd.”

In the Netherlands, was Prey already in 2016, but the film was only 30.000 bioscoopgangers viewed. How is it that the Chinese movie in the cinema want to see, is for the Meuse river at this time still a small mystery.

“That is all speculation. I have never been to China and I’m not with the distributor, discussed. I also do not know whether there are cut. He is, however, by the censorship and most of the blood is still there, when I go to the stills look. We find Chinese films can sometimes be extremely nice, because it is often a whole other world. For them, this is perhaps also something very different. They seem to have quite a horrorachtige, scary movies to keep.”


Trailer Prey

“A monster runs loose in a city’

Maas lets you know that he since the establishment was convinced of the international potential of Prey.

“I knew that we had a fun movie and I always thought that this international also a leg on the ground should be able to get. In itself, the movie is not very Dutch. The topic is universal. A monster runs loose in a city, that understand Chinese. I also have a time Sint sold.”

The success of Prey could ensure that Maas are now for a time entirely on the Chinese market. “I am already a while working on a production in China. That goes very slowly, who knows who will get it now a gear. It is a difficult market, there is only a certain number of foreign movies allowed. I hope that this film people convinces to have something with me to try. In the Netherlands, it remains however difficult, I am with my latest projects have been rejected by the Dutch film fund. If someone else for me so a chance at nice terms and conditions and artistic freedom, then I say no no.”

Maas will not profit optimally from the unexpected success of Prey in China: “That is a pity. With China you can hardly royaltyafspraken. You sell the film, usually for a fixed amount. But no one could have expected. I believe that of all Dutch films only, black book it a little well done. Of the other titles do you actually hear more. Next time I’m in a different arrange.”

“The fun went a little bit’

But the greatest gain which the director has achieved is perhaps the slight reparation: “It was not nice that the film in the Netherlands. You are going to ask yourself. It Was a good movie, was I supposed to do? Are people bored? The fun went a little bit off. I had Prey been made for a large audience, so then you become a little gloomy. But, more than 1.2 million visitors in four days; I hear you now no more complaining.”

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