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nearvideo President Trump confirms talks with Venezuela’s government, controversial

The governments in Washington and Caracas confirm that talks are underway about the Venezuela crisis as the U.S. Southern Command is preparing for a controversial President Nicolas Maduro quit; Ellison Barber reports.

In a week when President Trump and his administration put a spotlight on the humanitarian crisis caused by the Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, a number of diplomats led by the US went on Friday during a speech by Maduro’s vice-President, Delcy Rodriguez.

The way to the Start came, claimed a note from the Venezuelan mission, the United States and partners to prevent the planning of a voice in the General Assembly, the representative of the Caracas-speak regime.


Diplomats dismissed the exercise as a gimmick to watch more and more countries, the speech. The note sent to the missions of the Venezuelans, and reviewed by Fox News,” appealed to Nato countries to come into force, and be ready to vote in the US proposal, a challenge to the credentials of the regime.

It read, in part: “The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations to inform you of the intention of a group of delegations to require a vote in the General Assembly Hall on the afternoon of Friday, September 27, 2019, to the object of the participation and prevent H. E. Ms. Delcy Rodríguez Gómez, Vice-President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, from addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations.”

The memo pleaded to come with allies and to stop against every attempt of speech and support of Venezuela “at the General Assembly of the United Nations as its delegation, both in the relevant procedural and substantive votes, it may be at the time.”

Venezuela has been in economic and social ruin, with conditions worsening as Maduro has been in a tug-of-war for power with Juan Guaido, the US recognized President since the elections this year. Its population has since dogged by malnutrition, disease and violence, and allegations that the government is involved in money laundering and support of terrorism

In his speech before the U. N. General Assembly Wednesday, Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, said that 4 million people fled the country, which he called “one of the biggest shifts in the world.”

President Trump, meanwhile, pulled no punches about the deteriorating situation in Caracas. In his speech before the General Assembly, he called Maduro “a Cuban puppet, protected by Cuban bodyguards, hiding from his own people, while the Cuban Venezuelan oil wealth to plunder to maintain their own corrupt Communist regime.”

Isaias Medina, a former Venezuelan U. N. diplomat, resigned in protest against the policies of the Maduro regime, told Fox News on Saturday that “yesterday gaslight performance of the criminal Chavista regime…is a clear evidence that the U. N., in accordance with the current practice of cooperation with regional organizations must be taken into account that the importance and unavoidable consequence of the 2019 [organization of American States], to reject the resolution Maduro’s illegitimate regime, as it should also reflect the U. N. membership on the grounds of human rights violations, and the ongoing crimes against humanity in violation of the principles of the U. N. Charter.”


Medina said the “diplomatic route to the Start was a sign, think of what many of the other members, but they are still committed to the interests of the other then human rights.”

The U.S. mission to the U. N. said that the regime of “lies and deceit”, the corrupt U. N. Charter.

“We not collect the world’s problems to solve-by, while Maduro is starving, the people in #Venezuela,” the mission said in a tweet. “That’s why we have to go together with other Nations…if Maduro the nepotism went up to the stage.”


Rodríguez, in her speech claimed that she came onto the stage “the name of the only Venezuela,” a reference to a rival delegation of diplomats, the leader of the opposition Guaido sent to the annual gathering of the political leaders of the world. They condemned the US sanctions “focused on the strangulation of the Venezuelan economy”, but made little reference to the years of hyperinflation, power outages, and food and medicine shortages, which have led to the mass Exodus. Also, they later told reporters that the number called Guterres, how many fled, was “a lie.”

The regime, meanwhile, is reported to have on the roster to join the U. N.’s controversial human rights Council in the next month — a move that is likely to be seen as a justification of the United States for its decision last year, the body to rely, in part, because of the roster of countries with poor human rights record to the Council.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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