Dietary supplements: how safe and necessary are they really?

Dietary supplements: how safe and necessary are they really?

Vitamin D, which ensure strong bones and teeth, is Sunday by thousands of voters voted Supplement of the Year. Or the swallowing of such supplements actually has meaning, however, is the question.

Now eating healthy and consciously concerned with your diet and lifestyle more and more a trend, it seems wise to what you’re eating to supplement with extra vitamins and minerals. Nevertheless, it is anything but necessary, says Patricia Schutte, nutritionist at The Nutrition centre, against

‘Use often unnecessary’

“Vitamin D is literally the only supplement in addition to healthy diet is recommended to certain groups, such as pregnant women, babies, the elderly and people with dark skin. In addition, vegans recommended extra vitamin B12, which is only found in animal products and is necessary for the production of red blood cells, to take. If you are not one of those groups, then the use of supplements unnecessary,” said Schutte.

“A pill is no substitute’

Basically you get, when you eat according to the pyramid, sufficient within by healthy food. Do you like there is no healthy diet, or a supplement do very little for you to do. “A vitaminepil can a healthy diet not replace it. Varied diet contains many more useful substances than a vitaminepil and taking extra vitamins and minerals does not give greater resistance,” she explains. “Phrases like ‘give your body something extra’are purely advertisements. Who healthy eating, has no deficits.”

“When you for example too much saturated fat and sugar intake, or too little fruit and vegetables to eat, taking extra vitamins, no solution. You can products will only be replaced by equivalent foods.”

Know what you swallow

According to Schutte, it is not necessary to supplements available only on the advice of a doctor or dietician to improper use, to prevent. However, it is important that it is clear that people do not have extra health need to expect extra vitamins to swallow.

“If you do supplements want to swallow, be aware of where they comes from and make sure that you do not exceed one times the recommended daily allowance (RDA) is used,” says Schutte. “Sale, for example, never supplements from foreign sites. These often contain a much higher dosage than the RDA, and too much vitamins swallowing is not entirely without risk.” So can an excess of vitamin B6 problems to the nervous system and cause the intake of too much vitamin A is dangerous for pregnant women.

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