Did the Egyptians, innovation, and the mysterious biblical kingdom of 3000 years ago.

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A mysterious kingdom, in bible times, which has undergone a major technological transformation of the nearly 3000 years ago, they would have been influenced by the Egyptians.

Of the kingdom — known as Edom, was to be in an area that falls within the boundaries of present-day Israel and Jordan, and is known to have been the site of extensive copper mining and smelting, according to the researchers.

“The native tribes of the region under one political body, in order to exploit them in the best way they could with the copper minerals,” Erez Ben-Yosef, an archaeologist at the University of Tel Aviv, and the director of the Central Timna Valley Project, told LiveScience.

Ben-Yosef and his colleagues were able to reconstruct 500 years of industrial progress in the analysis of the waste from the smelting sites.


Archaeologists dig up a copper production site, which is called “Slaves ‘ Hill” in the Timna Valley, in Israel.
(E. Ben-Yosef, and is the Central Timna Valley Project)

From 1300 to 800 B. C, the Edomites, gradually improved their techniques, according to LiveScience. “After years of similar-technology, more-or-less, with only a gradual improvement, we have made a sudden leap forward in the efficiency and standardization of the technology,” Ben-Yosef said.

But how is it done?

The technological leap, reportedly, went hand in hand with the military campaign, and the invasion led by the Egyptian Pharaoh Sheshonq I), the researchers said.


That invasion was most likely altered for the markets, and the market demand for copper, they found, in their study, published in the journal PLOS ONE. It is also possible that these new requirements have forced the Edomites to adopt various innovations.

“We have to go further and to explore the regional connectivity of this kingdom, in order to see whether or not we have evidence for their connections to the other kingdoms in the region, including Ancient Israel,” Ben-Yosef told LiveScience.

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