‘Dictators, you can also find in the petanque’: listen here to the new of Boggamasta

Flat Earth Society, the wonderfully off-the-wall big band of Peter Vermeersch, works for the first time since a long time together with their original guitarist for the sultry project Boggamasta. Listen here exclusively to the new single Sing Hallelujah: “I’m constantly things on and see when the time is right.’

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Peter Vermeersch is a man of many musical wars. He produced the first album of dEUS, was also with Raymond Van het Groenewoud to the buttons and wrote the music for Rosas danst Rosas, the doorbraakvoorstelling of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

In 1999 he founded the veertienkoppige, slightly anarchic big band Flat Earth Society (FES). Originally heard there guitarist David Bovée , but he decided after four years to concentrate on his wereldmuziekensemble Think of One.

When Bovée and Vermeersch in 2013, at the request of Theatre by the Sea, went jamming with an ensemble Gambian musicians, was the urge to get together again to go very big. And see, since the beginning of this year, the two musical spitsbroeders and the other FES’ers reunited in Boggamasta.

The band name, a corruption of the mayor, stands for horns, grooves, electronics, and refers to a fictitious, megalomaniacal, Gambian dictator. ‘An invention’, makes Vermeersch clear, ‘but a figure in which you many others can recognize. He is a bully who especially a lot of bullshit sells. Such personalities you will find anywhere: in the politics, but equally in the petanque.’


“The people should own uitvlooien. Half of the lyrics of other rock bands, I understand not.’

Peter Vermeersch

All texts depart from the Boggamasta or criticize him. “He sells the kind of empty rhetoric that you almost have to hear. The sales of big words without anything behind it, is something very human thing to do, ” explains the reed player.

“I find myself there sometimes, so I am the last who has the right to the to the jaw. Much more explanation, and I would also not give, the people should have the self but uitvlooien. Half of the lyrics of other rock bands, understand I’m not, ” grins Vermeersch.

In October following there was a plate of Boggamasta, the month there are concerts in Ostend, Brussels, Antwerp and Kortrijk. At the same time works Vermeersch on several other projects, including a new double album for FES at the end of next year. ‘I always work simultaneously on several things. That tangles usually do together around a theme, and when the time is right, I bring them out. Now we had something more structured to work, because David had always come from Brazil, where he often works with local musicians. An opportunity to all once more well together, to scrape, so to speak.’

Now there is already the single Sing Hallelujah, below, exclusive to listen to. “Not typical for the plate, just as no single number that is. It is quite a diverse collection of songs, ” says Vermeersch. “It is the most catchy number.’

Judge below for yourself.

November 11, STORM Festival, The Great Post, Ostend

November 16, WillemTwee, Den Bosch (NL)

19 november, Botanique, Brussels,

22 november, The Roma, Antwerp

23 november, De Kreun, Kortrijk

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