Dick Maas: ‘Heard suddenly that China has four thousand copies of Prey wild’

The comic thriller Prey of the Dick Maas river in China turning. It is the second Dutch film that in the cinema displays (black book was before). The filmmaker tells that he was overwhelmed by the number of copies that was asked.

Maas sold earlier films to China, such as the horror Sint, but the cinema is a rarity for foreign productions. “It will appear somewhere on the dvd, you’ll hear nothing more of,” says the 67-year-old director. “And now I was suddenly called them five hundred copies of the film wanted to have, what is already a ridiculous amount. Of the week, that number suddenly increased to four thousand.”

Prey is a field of tragicomic horror about a rogue lion who is a carnage wreaks in the city centre of Amsterdam. Why such a film suddenly in China a success, it is also for Maas a mystery, he says. “We think Chinese movies are fun because it’s just a different world and culture. That they have perhaps the other way around. Such a lion in Amsterdam, with a lot of action and tension. And with that blood, they are not according to me.”

Maas don’t know exactly how the film there in China. “I don’t know if they cut in it, and whether or not there is a dubbing over it is gone. You sell a movie for a flat fee (a fixed amount, red.), then you have to actually let go. We have Prey also to France and Japan and has sold and that was still with some consultation, but China is one of the most difficult countries. Per year to be there at all, but a piece or thirty foreign films on the market.”


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No extra income more

The effect of the flatfeeafspraak, a standard procedure according to Maas, is that the filmmaker does not earn more to produce in China. “Some of the American movies that, by royaltyafspraken. If not I will note that the Prey will be running well, I take it, the next time may well be different.”

Prey was in 2016, well received by film critics, but achieved disappointing visitor figures. The thriller was, with 30,000 visitors one of the worst grossing films of the river Meuse. “It could be that he is not good enough in the market is made”, he speculates. “People understand maybe not good, whether it is a comedy or a horror.”

Maas broke in 1983 with his horror film The elevator and then became Flodder. That comedy is still in the top ten of the best-visited Dutch films ever. Also the sequel to Flodder in Amerika! and the thriller Art achieved high bioscoopopbrengsten, just as the comedy Moordwijven and horror film Sint.

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