Dick Advocaat should be the Team to get There will finally be something to change

Dick, a Lawyer, was on Wednesday, when the Club was appointed as the successor to Jaap Stam, and have the Team for the remainder of the season and bring it back to the top of the Premier league. An ex-player Regi Blinker and a former player and coach, Rinus Israel out of the club about the current situation of the People. “He will go on to have a good time.”

The lawyer seemed to be this past summer, all of the trainer we’re going to have to be made. He also performed at the beginning of this year, positive discussions with the clubleiding after it was announced that Giovanni van Bronckhorst, his expiring contract wouldn’t renew it, but he was hooked, and ultimately, because of the negative atmosphere from the fans around to his position”.

Now, things are different. We’re going after the embarrassing 4-0 defeat on Sunday to stay at Ajax, and only the twelfth in the Premier league with fifteen points behind the rival from the netherlands, and a Lawyer will be seen as the man who could turn the tide.

“This is the way it is in football,” says the Blinker is sober. “There are now a lot of things have happened. I like to think that a Lawyer is the best option, given the stage at which the Club currently finds itself. In the past he has proven that he’s quick to change out. He has a lot of experience with this type of situation.”

“I also think that the Attorney is the ideal man for the Club for the season is to make it,” says Israel. “If I were a person with a contract for a couple of years, and the results could be the same, then it will be too soon burned to the ground. It is, therefore, sensible from the Club to come to in the short term, to look at them.”

Jaap Stam into a labyrinth of catacombs of The Bowl. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

‘The tribe was a false scapegoat’

With the arrival of the Lawyer will also ensure that the technical staff of the Club completely changed. He takes up the Cor-Pot – with whom he had at his previous clubs also worked together, and John Wolf, as his assistants. Jean-Paul van Gastel, Denny Landzaat and Roy Makaay should, therefore, give way.

In particular, the departure of Van Gastel’s eye-catching. The former player of the Club was launched in 2011 and the right hand side of the football coaches at The Bowl (Ronald Koeman, Fred Rutten, Van Bronckhorst, and Trunk), but the Lawyer does not appeal to him.

“As a result, I have a feeling that, at last, there is something drastically is going to change within the club,” said Blinker. “There have been a number of years, things remained the same at different levels – managerial, technical as well as scouting – where innovation is needed. As long as nothing is changed, I do not feel that it is better to go to the club.”

“The tribe was a false scapegoat,” says Israel. “He hasn’t been given the opportunity to work with a fit team is preparing to do so. Then there was the last time a player from the uk, then again, it opened out, I don’t know where it was. Anyone else had more of this selection will be achieved.”

The players from the Team drop down, disappointed after the defeat against Ajax. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“European football is the least of what you should look for

We’re going to in the next few months, had been sentenced to catching up. The win a national championship by 2017 I have two (a-Z), two (PSV) and four (Short) is still nowhere in sight, and it must occur that it is not for the first time since the season of 2015/2016 in addition to the European football is on the rise.

“To get to European football is the least of what we’re going to expect,” says Blinker. “It is up to the lawyers and their staff in order to ensure that there is a different spirit in the group, because it is not the best. I can see that the players are never critical, the coach, or the other crappy name calling for the good of the game.”

Israel: “AZ and PSV were too good for this Team, so they need to focus on the Short-and FC Utrecht. As a Lawyer, fourth -, and European-football-uitsleept, he has just done. Advantage: it can be in terms of results, it’s no worse, so that is what he goes on to have a good time.”

A lawyer is Sunday, but on the bench as the Team’s Premier league continues with an away game against the equally ailing TOURIST information centre car park, which, after five defeats in a row it’s come down to their original position. Thursday, followed by an important thuisduel with BSC Young Boys in the group stages of the Europa League.

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