Diagnosis of prostate cancer with a new method of two weeks

Diagnosis of prostate cancer with a new method of two weeks

The Radboudumc in Nijmegen has a new and much faster way to determine if someone has prostate cancer or not. As a result, men within two weeks and where exactly they are. Now take that process, sometimes months.

With the new method is prostate tissue using an MRI scan accurately evaluated. The advantage of this is that all of the patients with a good outcome no biopsies need to be taken.

When a biopsy is with a needle, at twelve random locations a piece of tissue taken from the prostate. “That is not a pleasant procedure. By starting with the MRI, a biopsy, in half of the cases no longer necessary”, says Michiel Sedelaar, urologist at the Radboudumc Centre for Oncology.

Patients in whom nothing is going, to hear that even on the day of the first MRI examination. If deviations are observed on the MRI, within a week whether or not there is cancer and if so, to what degree. The studies to determine any metastases to trace within two weeks completed.

Fewer treatments

The new method is expected to result to fewer unnecessary treatments and lower expenditures on prostaatkankerzorg. Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer among men.

The Radboudumc hopes that other hospitals in the renewed diagnosis take over. But that is to be expected yet, because it takes time to get the required knowledge, technology and expertise to build.

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