Diabetic patient wrongly fired after ‘theft’ drink

Diabetic patient wrongly fired after ‘theft’ drink

Photo: AFP

An American supermarket chain should be deep in the pockets after the resignation of a member of staff. The woman, a diabetic patient, got to wait here because they have a drink of just 1.50 euros would have been stolen.

A federal jury found the dismissal unjustified and that the firm converted more than 250,000 euros to the woman to transfer.

The cashier had, according to American media, her employer, Dollar General in Maryville (Tennessee) will be asked for permission during the work, juice at your fingertips for a possible low blood sugar levels to suppress. This was her forbidden.

One day she felt an attack come up and grabbed a soda from the shelves. According to the woman she has after the symptoms had disappeared, the drink paid.

Dollar General, however, held fast to the business rules, that the staff banning stuff off the shelves suits and dismissed the woman.

They went to a special arbeidscommissie in which the case is successfully brought made.

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