DHS name of the local prisons that hold illegal immigrants


To appoint WASHINGTON – The Trump management of some of the names in his efforts to shame local jails that do not cooperate with the immigration authority. It puts the focus on Travis County, Texas, the home of liberal Austin.

The administration released a list of 206 cases of immigrants released from custody before the FBI could intervene agents. Around two-thirds were from Travis County.

The 206 figure is a little cloudy. It is not all the cases in which the immigration authorities sought custody of people of the criminal process, with major cities such as New York and Los Angeles under-represented on the list. It is also unclear to what period it refers to. The cases were identified by the administration between Jan. 28 Feb. 3, but most of the stick had submitted applications before then, as far back as the beginning of 2014. Also unclear is the status of the immigrants-whether some are in Federal or state custody.

The publication of the list by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was prompted by an executive order signed by President Donald Trump in January. Of procedure called upon the government to document what local jurisdictions are not to be found, together with the efforts of the Federal government to deport immigrants in the country illegally.

Trump has promised to make immigration a Central theme in his administration and has to deport you “bad dudes” living in the United States illegally. The report comprises a wide variety of crimes, including the case of a Jamaican citizen, in Philadelphia, charged with manslaughter, along with several sex offences, assaults and driving under the influence cases. The majority of the immigrants whose cases are highlighted, from Mexico or Central America. The Travis County cases, a mixture of beliefs and charges of DUI, serious bodily injury, and sexual coercion.

Travis County Sheriff-Sally Hernandez, a Democrat, was elected last fall after campaigning to correspond to a rejection of immigration tumblers in cases where persons were detained on minor infractions unrelated to your in the country illegally. Tumblers are requests from the government that an immigrant who passed the deportation, which the immigration authorities.

Hernandez’s office has continued to honor her, locking devices for more serious crimes, including murder. All but 26 of the rejected tumblers have been issued as to office, the Obama administration and in front of Hernandez.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott responded Hernandez policy due to the blocking of 1.5 million dollars in state funding to Travis County.

Prisons and the police in the USA have. in the last few years, not to cooperate with immigration authorities, in some cases under appeal to Supreme court rulings that immigrants, not to the prisons strictly because of their residence status Other jurisdictions, local regulations have passed, apart from the cooperation.

As a result, the Obama administration dramatically reduced the number of tumblers filed annually will be required-a trend Trump immigration authorities, to undo.

ICE said that nationwide, as of Jan. 28-Feb. 3, made it 3,083 new demands on the prisons, that the immigrants accused of a crime be held long enough for the ICE to take the agents into custody. It is unclear how many of the requests were honored.

The number of requests rejected is likely to increase, as the government said more problems detainer requests, officials of the immigration authority. The officials briefed reporters on condition of anonymity, in spite of Trump’s complaints that anonymous sources should not be deemed reliable.

Acting ICE Director Thomas Homann said that, if the detainer requests not honored, and serious offenders will be released, “it undermines the ICE, the ability to protect the public safety and the fulfillment of its mission.”

Trump has said that he plans to crack down on so-called “sanctuary cities” and other countries that do not cooperate with the immigration authority, and threatened to eliminate them, the access to some of the Federal States grants. He also plans to start the Secure Communities program, the collected finger used fingerprints to identify the local prisons and, together with the FBI, the immigrants, the deportation. The program was scrapped under the Obama administration in the midst of several court challenges and widespread complaints led to the accused in the Deportation of people, only low-level offences.

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