DHS moved to the end of limited to the detention of immigrant families, close ‘loophole’

nearvideo trump administration for the publication of the new rule, extend the amount of time families with an immigrant background were taken into custody to be

Reaction of Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council.

The trump administration announced Wednesday that it would agreement to scrap a large court-in order to allow for immigrant families, are arrested more than their cases are considered, instead of solving them after 20 days.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan, in a press conference the decision in detail, claims that the long-standing court order known as the Flores agreement, the incentive of illegal immigration and provides a “loophole” in the immigration system.

This agreement prohibited the children from the detention in custody for more than 20 days. As a result, the leaders were separated to hold the release for entire families to you-although in the last year, the management of separated families as part of a “zero-tolerance” program that was eventually set in the midst of a cross-party outcry has.


“Today, the government has a critical rule, which will allow the Department of Homeland Security, to appropriate families together and improve the integrity of the immigration system,” McAleenan said. “This rule allows the Federal government to the immigration laws to be enforced as adopted by the Congress, and ensures that all children in the U.S. government are treated in custody with dignity, respect and special concern for their particular vulnerability.”

The Flores decision came about as a result of 1980s, the case in which a girl named Jenny Flores, then 15, was detained, with adults, the US authorities after she fled El Salvador. At the beginning of 1997, the Flores settlement, children of migrants are sent to care-programs after 20 days, and the access to medical treatment and visits with relatives. McAleenan said the new provision takes the place of Flores, while many of its concepts.

The new rule is scheduled to go into effect in 60 days, even though the change is safe from a new court challenge.

In July, in a house Oversight Committee hearing on Capitol Hill, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., McAleenan, and other government representatives of the search of the scrap, the Flores settlement accused, with the alleged goal of “the children” in detention.

McAleenan pushed back against this characterization. He explained that he wanted to keep families together, for the necessary time it takes for the immigration procedure to go through, and for the judiciary to make a judgment about the case.

“We want to be. families together through immigration on the basis that it is fair and quickly in a reasonable framework,” he said “This can’t be done in 20 days, with due process”.

Democrats have slammed the as “inhuman.” If the new rule was announced, it was called the ACLU “another cruel attack on children”, by they are kept, longer than previously allowed.

“The government should NOT have children, jailing, and certainly not kids in jail for longer want,” she said.

Republicans such as Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S. C., have argued that the current system has resulted in the children used repeatedly by adults as your family members in the United States


“This is a sick system, it is in the interior rotted,” Graham Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo in July, stating that 30 percent of those who cross into the United States with children “fake families” and that loopholes are exploited, the same kids come back over and over, the different adult with them.

McAleenan said about 6,000 migrants have fraudulently presented themselves as families in the past fiscal year.

“No child should be a pawn in a System to manipulate our immigration system,” he said.

In addition to putting an end to the 20-day limit, the plans on Wednesday also set standards for conditions of detention, the members of the two parties have been criticised for sufficient resources to people in reasonable living conditions.

“The new regulation creates a high national standard for the care of children and families in detention,” McAleenan said, noting that an appropriate quality of care is a “core” element of the new rule.

Fox News’ Dom Calicchio contributed to this report.

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