Device can seventeen diseases demonstrate by breath analysing

Device can seventeen diseases demonstrate by breath analysing

The Breathalyser, a device that has the breath of patients, analyses, would, on the basis of the chemical composition of a person to hold his breath for seventeen diseases may determine, including Parkinson’s disease.

This is evident from American research under 1.404 persons, which was published in the scientific journal ACS Nano.

The research used the scientists used a device that the chemical composition of the breath analyses. The device measures the particles in the exhaled air. Breath contains nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen, just as traces of more than one hundred other substances. The amount of chemicals in someone’s breath depends on his health.

The researchers found that each disease is characterized by a unique chemical composition of the breath. The researchers also found evidence that the device has multiple diseases simultaneously can prove.


“Just like that everyone has a unique fingerprint, every disease that we examined have their own fingerprint,” says professor Hossam Haick. “A disease has its own chemical characteristics.”

The device would, according to the scientists seventeen different diseases are able to demonstrate. Examples include lung cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, Crohn’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

The technology is incorporated in a portable ademanalyseapparaat that 24 dollars (23 euros) will cost. Having previously done research on the breath test, but most tools focus only on one disease, such as cancer.

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